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Background Check/Drug Testing Policy

The Department of Medical and Research Technology (DMRT), University of Maryland, School of Medicine (UMSOM), does not require a background check or drug testing for admission.   DMRT’s academic requirements, however, involve placement at one or more off-campus training sites, such as hospitals and other institutional settings.  These off-campus clinical sites routinely require students to undergo and pass a background check and, in some cases, drug testing.  This notice is to make you aware of the requirements.

More and more hospitals and clinical training sites are requiring criminal background checks and drug tests to protect the safety of patients and other persons at these facilities, and to ensure the confidentiality of patient information.

Each training site sets its own standards for a background check and/or drug testing and typically conditions placement at the site on passing the check.  You may also be asked by the training site to pay the cost of the background check and drug testing.  You may have to complete more than one criminal background check and drug test during the course of your rotation, depending on the number of sites at which you are placed and the requirements of each site.

If you fail a site’s criminal background check or drug test, you may be unable to complete your course requirements.  It is important for you to consider this before you enroll.  The Department has no obligation to refund your tuition or fees, or to accommodate you in the event that you fail a background check or drug test and, as a result, are unable to complete your course requirements. You should also be aware of the possible consequences under the campus Substance Abuse Policy.

Due to the time needed for processing a background check, the Department suggests that you weigh the drawbacks and benefits of initiating a background check in advance of your first clinical placement. The Department does not endorse or recommend any background check vendor, resource, or method.  We provide you with this information so that you can make your own decisions.  You are responsible for maintaining your background check reports or provide clinical training sites with a copy of your background check information.