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Service Work Performed by Students

Students on clinical rotation are not expected to provide "service work" for the clinical sites during their clinical rotation placements. Students may not be substituted for clinical staff. After demonstrating competency, students may be permitted to perform procedures under qualified supervision; however, it is the responsibility of the supervising employee for final verification of the data and release to the LIS (laboratory information system).

Any service work by students in the clinical setting outside of the academic hours is non-compulsory. If a student chooses to be hired by a clinical site for a job that does not require a certified medical laboratory scientist (MLS), the work hours must be scheduled at a time other than class hours (e.g., evenings or weekends). In such cases, the student is a bona fide employee of the site and the work is not considered to satisfy any part of the student’s clinical rotation experience.

Clinical Objectives:

Clinical Chemlistry Objectives

Clinical Hematology and Urinalysis Objectives

Clinical Immunohematology Objectives

Clinical Immunology Objectives

Clinical Microbiology Objectives


If a DMRT student has an accident or exposure at an affiliate laboratory, the student must inform that laboratory’s Clinical Liaison or the immediate supervisor to begin documentation and follow-up as needed. All incidents must be documented according to the affiliate’s institutional policies and reported to the DMRT Program Director immediately by calling 410-706-7664. A DMRT Accident & Injury form is located on this page. This completed form should be filed in the student’s record within 24 hours and can be faxed to the program at 410-706-0073.

All costs for medical treatment or post exposure evaluation, and follow-up activities for the student are the responsibility of the student. All full-time DMRT students are required to have health insurance, and the insurance can be billed for all medical services.