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Dropping a Course, Withdrawal & Refund Policies


Dropping a course may only be done under special circumstances with input from the Course Coordinator and approval of the Program Director, or the DMRT Program Committee. Any course that is dropped will appear as a “W” on the official transcript. Dropped courses will be documented and explained in the student’s official record at DMRT.


An 80% refund on dropped courses will be issued for all students who are charged on a per credit hour basis, if courses are dropped before the end of the first week of instruction.  No refunds are issued for dropped courses after the first week.  THERE IS NO REFUND for full-time undergraduate students who drop courses thereby changing their status from full-time to part-time.


ON or AFTER first day of instruction WD

ON or AFTER last day of  instruction  WD or F

Withdrawal for the Semester

Students enrolled in 9 credits or more a pay flat rate tuition. Students officially withdrawn from the school will be credited for all academic fees charged to them less the matriculation in accordance with the following schedule:

Period from Date Instruction BeginsPercentage Refundable
On or before the first day of semester 100%
Two weeks or less 80%
Two to three weeks 60%
Three to four weeks 40%
Four to five weeks 20%
After five weeks 0%