Please Note: We are not accepting new applications to the Department of Medical Research Technology's academic programs at this time.
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Student Records

All DMRT student records are permanent, and handled securely and confidentially. UMB official transcripts are available through the UMB Office of the Registrar

The DMRT maintains the following documents in student records for a minimum of ten years: 

  • Application form with personal statement of career goals
  • Copies of unofficial transcripts
  • Acceptance letter
  • Signed Non-academic standards
  • Signed Acknowledgement of Safety Training & Orientation
  • Academic and/or personal counseling forms
  • Release of student information forms
  • Clinical rotation acknowledgement form
  • Clinical rotation evaluations
  • Signed Acknowledgement of background check policy
  • Letters of scholarship awards/honors

Student health records are confidentially maintained at the UMB Student Health.  The Program Director receives documentation from Student Health verifying student compliance with immunization records, Hepatitis series, and negative tuberculosis screen.

The records of currently enrolled students are securely maintained in a locked file in the DMRT Office of Student Affairs.  Alumni records are stored in file cabinets in a locked storage room.  In compliance with federal law [Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)] students may request access to their records from the Program Director.

Disclosure of Information

In accordance with "The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974” [P.L. 93-380 (FERPA)], disclosure of student information, including financial and academic, is restricted. Release of information to anyone other than the student requires a written waiver from the student). It is the policy of the University of Maryland to:

A.   permit students to inspect their educational records;

B.   limit disclosure of personally identifiable information from educational records without student's prior written consent; and

C.   provide students the opportunity to seek correction of their educational records where appropriate.