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Professional & Academic Integrity & Conduct

DMRT students are expected to maintain professional conduct on the University of Maryland campus and in clinical settings at all times. 


The academic setting is characterized by reasoned discussion between student and teacher, a mutual respect for the learning and teaching process, and intellectual honesty in the pursuit of knowledge. 

Standards of Academic Honesty & Ethical Conduct

Academic honesty and integrity guide the learning process and are fundamental values in a community of professionals.  The Honor Code of the University of Maryland School of Medicine places the responsibility of ethical behavior squarely on each individual and requires formal review of questionable behavior. Each student as a member of this academic community is given notice that joining this institution voluntarily commits the individual to understand, accept and practice the general principles of ethical behavior promoted in the Honor Code.

Academic honesty and ethical conduct are expected from all students enrolled in courses and programs offered by the Department of Medical and Research Technology. Violations of the policies on academic honesty and ethical conduct will not be tolerated and will be formally addressed through Departmental and/or campus systems.  Sanctions may include no credit on the assignment in question, course failure, and/or formal charges of student misconduct.  Formal charges can result in academic probation or dismissal.

Violations of academic honesty and ethical conduct include, but are not limited to, plagiarism, cheating, falsification of data/results, obtaining unauthorized assistance from and/or giving unauthorized assistance to another individual during an examination or completion of an assignment, collaboration with other students on projects or assignments without the instructor’s knowledge, as well as misuse of UM documents, identification cards and computers.

Failure to comply with the policies on academic honesty erodes one’s own personal integrity and character and devalues grades, degrees and the institution.  For more detailed information, please refer to

Honor Pledge

As members of this academic community, students in the Department of Medical and Research Technology make a commitment to uphold the values and principles of this Institution. The following Honor Pledge will be distributed with examinations, laboratory practicals, written papers and other designated assignments for student signature.

Please note that ALL DMRT students are required to uphold the Standards of Academic Honesty whether or not they choose to sign the Honor Pledge.