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Visiting Students

All visiting students MUST be current 4th year MD students.

The University of Maryland will be using VSLO, the Visiting Student Learning Opportunitites, to receive visiting student applications for the academic year. April 2nd, 2018 at 1230pm is the first day applications will be accepted and the catalog will show all elective dates. For more information on VSLO, please visit or contact VSLO at (202)478-9878.

Malpractice coverage MUST extend up to or beyond the end date of last rotation applied for.

**OSHA Universal Precautions: how to maintain infection control and the treatment of all human blood and specific human body fluids as if known to be infectious for bloodborne pathogens. - Speak to your school VSLO contact for OSHA information/renewal. Ensure the expiration date is after the end date of your applied to rotations; if not, you will need to submit an updated OSHA certification; if yes, submit the completion and expiration date or a letter stating information.

ALL documents must be uploaded as PDF or JPG in order for us to open them.

VSLO is available ONLY for medical students from U.S. LCME accredited schools to use.  International and Osteopathic students CANNOT rotate at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

  • Please read through our Resources before applying to an elective.
  • Search Electives and available dates  
    • Located left-hand side top of page, click “Search Electives” 
    • Complete catalog year, specialty, and institution – click Search
    • Offered electives will appear in separate window
    • Click the course name to see dates offered
    • Click “Catalog URL” to review course offering and contacts

Thank you and we look forward to your visit.