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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - All Faculty

  • Ahmed, Zubair M., PhD, Professor
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    Keywords: Genetic disorders of Ear and Eye, hearing loss, Usher syndrome, Retinitis pigmentosa, hearing restoration, gene therapy, Otitis media genetics, Inner ear development, Mechanotransduction, Calcium role in hearing and vision, Noise induced hearing loss, Genome editing
  • Baskakov, Ilia V., PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-4562
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    Keywords: neurodegenerative diseases, prion diseases, neuroinflammation, reactive astrocytes, reactive microglia, Alzheimer's disease
  • Blitzer, Miriam G., PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-4065
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    Keywords: Biochemical and metabolic genetic disorders; medical genetics and genomics education and training
  • Chang, Yen-Pei Christy , PhD, MS, Associate Professor
    (410) 706-6737 (office)
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    Keywords: Molecular and genetic bases of complex disorders such as hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, regulatory elements (non-protein coding) in the human genome, gene regulation, bioinformatics tools for function prediction, faculty development, and graduate school education.
  • Fang, Shengyun , PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-2220
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    Keywords: Proteostasis, UBA1 activity enhancers, RNF5 inhibitor and degrader, drug discovery, ubiquitination, ERAD, unfolded protein response, ER-phagy, VEXAS syndrome, spinal muscular atrophy, α-1-antitrypsin deficiency-associated liver disease, obesity-related cancer, aging, and age-related diseases.
  • Fiskum, Gary M., PhD, Professor
  • Franklin, Renty B., PhD, Professor
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  • Hasday, Jeffrey D., MD, Professor
    (410) 328-8141
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    Keywords: ARDS, ILD, IPF, interstitial lung disease, asthma, heat shock protein, p38 MAP kinase, endothelial, epithelial, cytokine, thermoregulation
  • Hornyak, Thomas J., MD, PhD, Associate Professor
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    Keywords: Melanocyte stem cell differentiation and fate determination as well as melanoma epigenetics
  • Hussain, Arif , MD, Professor
    (410) 328-7225
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    Keywords: Prostate Cancer, Genitourinary Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Testicular Cancer
  • Kaper, James B., PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-7114
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    Keywords: Microbiology, Immunology, Bacterial Vaccines, Enteric Pathogenesis, Bacterial Genetics, Intestinal Colonization
  • Lindberg, Iris , PhD, Professor
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    Keywords: neurodegeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, protein chaperones, proteostais, ALS
  • Michel, Sarah L.J., PhD, Professor
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  • Monteiro, Mervyn J., PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-8132
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    Keywords: Protein misfolding, Neurodegenerative diseases, ALS, Alzheimer's, ubiquilin, proteasome, autophagy
  • Padia, Janak , PhD, Associate Professor
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  • Passaniti, Antonino , PhD, Professor
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    Keywords: Breast cancer, angiogenesis, transcriptional regulation, cell signaling
  • Polster, Brian M., PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-3418
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    Keywords: mitochondria, mitochondrial fission, bioenergetics, oxygen, respiration, Seahorse, reactive oxygen species, superoxide, apoptosis, cytochrome c, AIF, Bax, Bcl-2, Drp1, calpain, neurons, glutamate excitotoxicity, nitric oxide, astrocytes, microglia, neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration, traumatic brain injury, neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, idebenone, mdivi-1
  • Qian, Feng , Dr. rer. nat., Professor
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    Keywords: Polycystic kidney disease, polycystin, cyst formation, ciliary trafficking, cis-autoproteolysis, G-protein coupled protein proteolysis site (GPS)
  • Riazuddin, Saima , PhD, MPH, MBA, Professor
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    Keywords: Hearing loss, vestibular dysfunction, brain disorders, intellectual disability, molecular genetics, cell biology.
  • Shen, Jana , PhD, Professor
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  • Tiwary, Pratyush , PhD, Professor
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  • Toth, Eric A., PhD, Assistant Professor
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    Keywords: therapeutic development, X-ray crystallography, neurodegeneration, DNA repair
  • Varma, Shambhu D., PhD, MS, Professor Emeritus
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  • Ward, Christopher W., PhD, Professor
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  • Yang, Peixin , PhD, Professor
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    Keywords: Diabetic embryopathy, pregestational diabetes, neural tube defects, congenital heart defects, embryonic vasculopathy, exosome, ferroptosis, obesity, placenta, Alzheimer's disease, SARS-CoV-2 infection, DNA/RNA methylation
  • Yu, Liqing Justin , MD, PhD, Professor
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    Keywords: lipid metabolism and transport, nafld, cardiovascular disease