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OB/GYN - Secondary Faculty

  • Blitzer, Miriam G., PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-4065
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    Keywords: Biochemical and metabolic genetic disorders; medical genetics and genomics education and training
  • Boughman, Joann A., PhD, Adjunct Professor
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  • Eckert, Richard L., PhD, Professor
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    Keywords: Tumor Suppression Function, MAPK Signal Transduction, Transcriptional Regulation, Epigenetic Regulation, Transglutaminase Function, Nutrition and Cancer Prevention, Hippo Signaling, Mouse Disease Models, Oncogenes, Cancer Stem Cell Survival Factors
  • Greene, Carol L., MD, Professor
    (410) 328-3335
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    Keywords: Inborn errors of metabolism (biochemical genetics); Newborn screening Clinical genetics; Quality in genetic testing; Access to genetic services
  • Malik, Rena D., MD, Associate Professor
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    Keywords: Female urology, urinary incontinence, vaginal and robotic surgery for prolapse of the pelvic organs (cystocele, rectocele, vault prolapse), urodynamics, overactive bladder, intravesical onabotulinum toxin A injection, neuromodulation, voiding dysfunction in men and women, urethral stricture, urethral diverticulum, vesicovaginal fistula, removal of transvaginal mesh, gender disparities, health literacy
  • Malinow, Andrew M., MD, Professor
    (410) 328-2309
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    Keywords: Obstetric Anesthesia
  • Randall, Louis N., MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor
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  • Reader, Jocelyn C., PhD, Assistant Professor
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