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Saturday, April 01, 2017 - Sunday, April 30, 2017

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8:30 AM | Bressler Research Building, Conference Room 14-007 Faculty Development Workshop for School of Medicine Faculty who are preparing for promotion.
11:00 AM | SMC Campus Center, Elm Room A and B The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network (EIN) is pleased to present the 1st annual Entrepreneurship and Innovation Expo at University of Maryland, Baltimore.
3:00 PM | Health Sciences Facility II Auditorium Seminar Title: "Light: A window into pain in the brain."
9:00 AM | 621 W. Lombard Street, SMC Campus Center, Room 351 This seminar will introduce participants to the types of grant applications available through the VA, including eligibility requirements, tips for applying, and insights into the review process.
4:00 PM | Shock Trauma Auditorium Room-T1R18 Dr Baram has been studying how early life febrile status epilepticus can convert a normal brain into an epileptic one.
12:00 PM | HSF II Auditorium, 20 Penn Street The Institute for Global Health presents: "The March Toward Licensure and Deployment of a Highly Effective Malaria Vaccine"
9:00 AM | 621 W. Lombard Street, SMC Campus Center, Room 349 Dr. Amy Fulton will present information outlining the SOM Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Policy and Procedures.
9:00 AM | 685 W. Baltimore St., MSTF Building, Room 316 Dr. Dan Morgan is a past recipient of the NIH LRP and will discuss the basic elements of the application process, including eligibility, as well as sharing some of his own experience with this award.
12:00 PM | HSF II Auditorium Lecture by Dr. Jeff Brenner followed by a light reception and exhibition of current and ongoing primary care research at the University of Maryland.
1:00 PM | Davidge Hall Since 1995, the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore VA Medical Center and Medical Alumni Association have produced an annual conference called "The Historical CPC".
6:30 PM | Baltimore Convention Center On Saturday April 29, 2017 the University of Maryland School of Medicine will host its annual gala.

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