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Sui-Seng Tee, PhD

Sui-Seng Tee, PhD
Sui-Seng Tee, PhD

Assistant Professor
Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Phone: 410-706-5946


My lab is interested in the intersection of cancer signaling pathways and metabolism, with the ultimate aim to translate these findings for novel metabolic imaging applications.

Hyperpolarized magnetic resonance spectroscopy (HP-MRS) is a unqiue metabolic imaging platform that enables real-time, non-invasive detection of metabolic flux in living cells and model organisms. I have pioneered the development of reporter genes for HP-MRS by genetically modifying cells to over-express bacterial and mammalian enzymes. Leveraging my expertise in molecular biology, I am now investigating oncogenic signaling and metabolic pathways.

Specifically, I am interested in using targeted therapeutics to inhibit specific pathways mutated in cancers and investigating the metabolic consequence of inhibition. Using this information, we will design novel metabolic imaging probes for both diagnosing/staging cancer as well as assessing treatment response and development of resistance.

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Grants and Proposals

PIGrant TitleTotal Project PeriodFunding SourceTotal Costs
Sui-Seng Tee Fructose Metabolism as a Biomarker for Monitoring Hepatocellular Carcinoma 07/02/20 - 06/30/22 NCI $424,875.00
Sui-Seng Tee Fructose Metabolism as a Biomarker for Monitoring NAFLD Progression 07/01/19 - 06/30/20 ICTRATIP $25,000.00

Total: $449,875.00


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