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Program in Image Guided Neurointerventions (PIGN)

The Program in Image Guided Neurointerventions (PIGN), a division of the Center for Advanced Imaging Research (CAIR), is located in the new HSF-III facility at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM). It is co-directed by Piotr Walczak, MD, PhD and Miroslaw Janowski, MD, PhD, who along with fellow researchers use interdisciplinary approaches to work at the crossroads of therapeutic concepts and technical developments.

The mission of PIGN is to promote utilization of advanced imaging for a variety of neurointerventions in order to fully implement a paradigm of precision medicine that we believe is essential for improving outcomes of CNS disorders.

Progress in implementing effective therapies for CNS disease is frustratingly slow, and lags far behind treatments for other disorders. Resolving this disparity is PIGN's ultimate mission.

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News & Events


  • Dr Janowski Awarded NIH grant RO1NS120929 Entitled "Image-guided, intra-arterial delivery of antibodies to the central nervous system" To systematically evaluate mechanisms governing brain accumulation of intraarterially delivered antibodies.


  • Dr Yajie Liang awarded American Cancer Society Research grant entitled "Multiplex single-cell functional analysis platform under intravital 2-photon microscopy to interrogate heterogeneity of patient-derived glioblastoma in a mouse model"
    Kevin Liang



  • Dr. Piotr Walczak awarded Visiting Professorship at CICBioMAGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain visiting the lab of Drs. Jesus Ruiz Cabello and Pedro Cabrer to initiate collaboration on intraarterial delivery of nanoparticles to the brain across osmotically opened BBB.
  •  SIGN 2019, second meeting of the Society for Image-Guided Neurointerventions.  Baltimore, June 10-11 2019.


  • The first conference of the Society for Image Guided Neurointerventions (SIGN) held  on 25-26 of June in Warsaw, Poland: SIGN2018