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SOM Council

The University of Maryland School of Medicine Council (SOM Council) “provides a forum for faculty members to discuss, deliberate and vote on issues vital to their interests as well as to the School of Medicine.” Each department is allocated slots based on the department’s size.  Members and Alternates report on the previous month’s discussions/actions at EPH Faculty Meetings. The Council meets monthly, and all faculty are welcome to attend.

2021 Council Schedule

Epidemiology & Public Health SOM Council Representatives

Term 2020-2022


Jennifer Albrecht, PhD (GECO)

Kathryn Hughes Barry, PhD, MPH (CaEpi)

Colin Stine, PhD (GECO)

Laurence Magder, PhD (Biostats)

Diane Marie St. George, PhD (Academics/MPH)


Yuji Zhang, PhD (Biostats)

Laundette Jones, PhD (PrevMed)

Karen Coffey, MD, MPH (GECO)

Kartik Kaushik, MSc, PhD (PrevMed)