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Clinical and Translational Research Informatics Center (CTRIC)

The Clinical and Translational Research Informatics Center (CTRIC) is a service center within the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health (EPH) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM).

Our purpose is to accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries from the basic science bench to clinical studies, bedside practice, and community intervention, through use of information technologies (IT) and informatics.

CTRIC offers support to clinical and translational researchers at all stages of project development. Our highly qualified team and informatics tools and resources provide a strong centralized body that can cater to the needs of studies of all sizes within the University of Maryland community and elsewhere.

The CTRIC team operates under the leadership of Jessica P. Brown, Ph.D., Director. Dr. Brown is a survey methodologist and behavior change expert who received her PhD from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2006.

She has served as faculty in EPH since 2010 with funding from NIH, MDOA, HRSA, and UMMC, and has been recognized for her excellence in teaching.

Services We Offer

  • Data Capture
  • Data Management
  • Custom Database Creation
  • Quality Assurance/Control
  • Data Analysis
  • Research Design
  • Grant Writing

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Jessica P. Brown, Ph.D.
Howard Hall, Room 215A
660 West Redwood St.