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Our Services

Data Capture

Our technologies, both web-based and paper forms, minimize manual data entry to increase the accuracy of collected data entered into the database. Researchers select the means by which they would like to collect data, while CTRIC provides the software and hardware to match the needs of each particular study.

Data Management

CTRIC understands the overwhelming amount of data that can be gathered for your study. Let CTRIC create tables and process your data for you. We have quick and easy access to your study’s database and can make any edits as necessary. Do you want a pivot table with specific data? We can create that for you in any readable format at your request.

Custom Database Creation

Do you have a heap of study data squirreled away in various locations and software packages? Are you frustrated with an inability to quickly find the study data you want? Let CTRIC organize all of your study data into a cohesive, easy-to-use database. We can construct databases in a variety of different formats (MySQL, PostGreSQL, Microsoft Access, etc) based on the needs of your study. We also offer secure, HIPAA compliant storage if you choose to house your database on our server.

Quality Assurance/Control

The results that come out of your study database are only as good as the study data that go in. Avoid the ‘garbage in garbage out’ cycle by contacting CTRIC for your quality assurance needs. CTRIC staff can design a quality assurance plan specific to your study database and run regular reports to indicate improbable and impossible values in your database. Say goodbye to participants that have a date of birth after their date of enrollment!

Data Analysis

CTRIC staff is available to provide a wide range of data analysis services - everything from t-tests to repeated measures to pesky complex regression analysis. We provide annotated documentation of the analysis results, ensuring a clear understanding of both the statistical tests used and proper interpretation of the results. We can also prepare graphs and tables, as well as draft the appropriate portions of the Results section for a manuscript or scientific poster. If you would like to analyze the data yourself, but are unsure of the appropriate method, we can provide consultation for the appropriate analytic strategy.

Research Design

You have your research question and you think you’re ready to go. But wait, should you do a case-control study or a cohort study? Do you need to invest the time and money to do a prospective study, or would a retrospective chart review suffice? Do you need a cross-sectional or longitudinal study? CTRIC staff can help you make the tough decisions about how to best to structure your study and collect data. Don’t hesitate to consult us throughout the design of your project.

Grant Writing

CTRIC is a great resource for expert advice on grant writing. Our staff members have ample experience assisting and writing various grants. Contact CTRIC for more information or assistance on writing grants.