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Center for Innovation in Diagnosis

Our mission is to transform medical diagnosis to become more evidence-based, precise and meaningful: to assure that patients get the right test for the right patient, leading to the right action and preventing Diagnostic Error. We create educational medical diagnosis tools to make probability more intuitive for clinicians and the general public, changing the paradigm for medical testing to a pragmatic, probability-based approach.

Director Daniel Morgan, MD, MS, started the Center after receiving a NIH New Innovator award and CDC funding to improve diagnosis. The Center’s focus is on helping clinicians make better diagnoses through incorporation of probability into diagnostic decision-making. Investigators from the Center have received more than 3 million dollars in federal funding to improve diagnosis.

Work from center investigators include Op-Eds in The Washington Post, JAMA Viewpoints and most recently, JAMA Internal Medicine. The website developed by Dr. Morgan and center investigators is being used for medical school education and clinician reference. Center investigators proposed the concept of Diagnostic Stewardship (Dx St) for test implementation that led to a CDC meeting and subsequent White Paper.

Dr. Morgan is chairing a task-force on Diagnostic Stewardship with SHEA that is completing 4 manuscripts describing Dx St.

Investigator Dr. Goodman has proposed the need for clinicians to learn probability to understand diagnosis and AI. (NEJM)