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Probation & Special Placement

Scope and Purpose

This policy applies to all students enrolled in the M.D. program of the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Dual-degree students may have other conditions and requirements; please refer to the policies for each program.

Policy Statement

Probation is an official school status that must be documented in the MSPE but will not appear on the UMB transcript. Academic Probation is a warning of significant academic difficulty requiring improvement of academic performance in order to reestablish Good Standing. Disciplinary Probation is a warning of failure to meet technical or professionalism standards requiring improvement of professional conduct in order to reestablish Good Standing. When a student is placed on Academic or Disciplinary Probation, they will be notified in writing. A copy of the notice of probation will be placed in the student's file. The student will be informed of the reason for probation, the conditions that must be satisfied in order to be removed from probation, and their right to appeal the decision. Probationary status will be reviewed by the Advancement Committee twice yearly and continued or discontinued at the discretion of the Dean of the School of Medicine.

While on probation:

  1. Students are not in Good Standing.
  2. Students may be suspended from curricular activities.
  3. Students cannot enroll in and will be withdrawn from pre-clerkship electives.
  4. Students cannot serve in elected or leadership positions within student government or official student groups and may be excluded from other official activities.
  5. Students cannot serve as a representative of the school.
  6. While on clinical rotations, students must be assigned to services only at UMMC, UM Midtown, BVAMC or Mercy Medical Center.
  7. Students may be required to undergo evaluation and/or treatment by an approved medical or mental health professional and may require periodic reporting by the professional of ongoing student compliance.
  8. Students may request only a medical or personal leave of absence.

A student on probation may appeal this decision to the Dean by submitting a written request within 14 days of the official notice of probation. The Dean may appoint an Appeals Committee for advice. Students will remain on probation pending the Dean’s decision. If probation is a condition of reinstatement to medical school, a student may not appeal this probation.

Special Placement

Students deemed by the Advancement Committee to have experienced serious academic, professional or personal difficulty may be subject to placement under optimum supervision and frequent review. Special placement is not an official school status and will not be noted in the MSPE or on the UMB transcript. Special placement will be re-evaluated twice yearly and discontinued at the discretion of the Advancement Committee.

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Approved: CCC August 27, 2019