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Good Standing

For purposes of verifying student status to outside, non-academic organizations or institutions (e.g., jury duty, auto insurance), a standard letter indicating that the student is in good standing will be issued as long as he or she has not been notified of dismissal from the School. Furthermore, if a student has been notified of dismissal but a formal appeal is pending, a standard letter of good standing will still be issued to these outside, non-academic organizations and institutions

For purposes of holding elective office at the class or School of Medicine level, serving on School of Medicine committees, or representing the School of Medicine in outside organizations either on or off campus, a student shall:

  1. be in good standing as defined above; and
  2. not be on probation for any reason.

In addition, a student may not be permitted to assume certain extracurricular positions if both the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and the Chair of the Academic Advancement Committee determine, based on the student's documented history of academic performance and professional behavior, that assuming such a role would not be in the best interest of either the student or the School of Medicine. Any necessary review of candidates will be done before elections or appointments. A student's standing for these purposes will be reviewed and readdressed if any faculty member raises a concern about their performance.