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Biostatistics and Informatics Resource Core (RC1)

The Core plays a central role in UM-OAIC research helping investigators design, conduct, and report results of research studies. RC-1 plays a key role in the coordination and integration of UM-OAIC. Our informatics infrastructure facilitates UM-OAIC operation and oversight by tracking study progress, recording and reporting adverse events, monitoring core requests and use, and providing reports to PIs and Core leaders. RC-1 participates in REC organized education efforts and participates in other research training initiatives at the university.

RC-1 has two major goals to: 1) support the conduct of studies that promote the independence of older adults with disabling conditions and 2) train the next generation of investigators who will conduct studies that promote health and independence in older adults. These goals are intertwined and motivate our Specific Aims.

Support studies designed to promote functional independence in odler adults 

  • Study design, sample size, randomization, data analysis, and interpretation and presentation of results.
  • Informatics.
  • Provide expertise in specialized areas of study design and data analysis.

Educate investigators, and promote transparency, rigor, and reproducibility in research 

  • Educate investigators.
  • Promote transparency, rigor, and reproducibility (TR&R) in research.

Develop methods and technology  

Facilitate recruitment of research participants


Core Leaders

John D. Sorkin, MD, PhD
Telephone: 410-605-7119

Michelle Shardell, PhD
Telephone: 410-706-1841

Core Co-Leaders

Michael Terrin, MD, CM, MPH
Telephone: 410-706-6139

Larry Magder, PhD
Telephone: 410-706-3253


Denise Orwig, PhD
Telephone: 410-605-8951