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2013-2014 Publications

Caldwell KJ, Prior SJ, Kampmann M, Zhao L, McEvoy S, Lal BK. Upper body exercise increases lower extremity venous blood flow in deep vein thrombosis.  Journal of Vascular Surgery. In Press 2013 (RC 2, RCDC)

Creath RA, Prettyman M, Shulman L, Hilliard M, Martinez K, MacKinnon CD, Mille M, Simuni T, Zhang J, Rogers MW.  Self-triggered assistive stimulus training improves step initiation in persons with Parkinson’s disease.  J of NeuroEngineering and Rehab.  2013;10:11  PMCID: PMC3570362 (PESC, RCDC, RC3)

English C, Thoirs K, Coates A, Ryan A, Bernhardt. Changes in fat mass in stroke survivors: a systematic review. Int J of Stroke 2012;7(6):491-498. PMCID: PMC3399979 (RC2)

Hanson ED, Sheaff AK, Sood S, Ma L, Francis JD, Goldberg AP, et al. Strength Training Induces Muscle Hypertrophy and Functional Gains in Black Prostate Cancer Patients Despite Androgen Deprivation Therapy. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2012 [Epub ahead of print] (RC2)

Ivey FM, Katzel LI, Sorkin JD, Macko RF, Shulman LM. The Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale as a Predictor of Peak Aerobic Capacity and Ambulatory Function. JRRD 2012;49(8):1269-76 NIHMS:467337 (RC 1, RC 2, 3)

Ivey FM, Ryan AS. Resistive training improves insulin sensitivity after stroke. Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases.  2013 Jan. 22 [Epub ahead of print] NIHMS:467339 (RC2, PESC)

Iwashyna TJ, Netzer G, Langa KM, Cigolle C. Spurious inferences about long-term outcomes: the case of severe sepsis and geriatric conditions. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2012;185(8):835-41. PMCID: PMC3360570. (PESC, RCDC)

Kantak SS, Wittenberg GF, Liao WW, Magder LS, Rogers MW, Waller SM. Posture-related modulations in motor cortical excitability of the proximal and distal arm muscles. Neurosci Lett. 2013;533:65-70.  PMID: 23123777 (RC1, RC3, RCDC)

Liu W, McCombe-Waller S, Kepple T, Whitall J.  Compensatory arm reaching strategies after stroke: Induced position analysis.  J Rehabil Res. Dev. 2013 Jan; 50(1):71-84 NIHMS:467109(RC3, PESC, RCDC)

McCombe-Waller S, Prettyman M. Arm training in standing also improves postural control in participants with chronic stroke. Gait and Posture.  2012;36(3):419-24.  PMCID: PMC3580767(RC 3, RCDC)

Michael KM, Shaughnessy M, Resnick B.  People reducing risk and improving strength through exercise, diet, and drug adherence (PRAISEDD): a case report on long-term single site adoption.  Translational Behavioral Medicine.  2012;2(2):436-40. (RC1, PESC, RCDC)

Nahm ES, Resnick B, Orwig D, Magaziner J, Bellantoni M, Sterling R, et al. A theory-based online hip fracture resource center for caregivers: effects on dyads. Nurs Res. 2012;61(6):413-22. PMCID: PMC3491116. (RC1)

Nakano K, Pinnow E, Flaws JA, Sorkin JD, Gallicchio L. Reproductive history and hot flashes in perimenopausal women. J Womens Health (Larchmt). 2012;21(4):433-9. PMCID: PMC3321671. (RC1)

Ortmeyer HK, Sajan MP, Miura A, Kanoh Y, Rivas J, Li Y, et al. Insulin signaling and insulin sensitizing in muscle and liver of obese monkeys: peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma agonist improves defective activation of atypical protein kinase C. Antioxid Redox Signal. 2011;14(2):207-19. PMCID: PMC3014763 (RC2)

Prior SJ, Ryan AS.  Low clonogenic potential of circulating angiogenic cells is associated with lower skeletal muscle capillarization in impaired glucose tolerance. Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews. Accepted 2013 (RC 2, PESC, RCDC)

Prior, SJ, Stevenson TG, Ryan AS, Goldberg AP.  Metabolic inflexibility during submaximal aerobic exercise in older adults with IGT.  In review 2013 (RC 2, PESC, RCDC)

Reider L, Hawkes W, Hebel JR, D'Adamo C, Magaziner J, Miller R, et al. The Association between Body Mass Index, Weight Loss and Physical Function in the Year Following a Hip Fracture. J Nutr Health Aging. 2013;17(1):91-5.  PMCID: PMC3569623 (RC1)

Ryan AS. Li G, Blumenthal J, Ortmeyer HK. Aerobic exercise+weight loss decreases skeletal muscle myostatin expression and improves insulin sensitivity in older adults. Obesity. In Press 2013 (RC2, RCDC)

Ryan AS, Katzel LI, Prior SJ, McLenithan JC, Goldberg AP, Ortmeyer HK. Aerobic Exercise and Weight Loss Improve Insulin Sensitivity and Increase Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Synthase Activity in Older Men. In Review 2013 (RC2)

Ryan, AS, Ge S, Blumenthal JB, Serra M, Prior SJ, Goldberg AP. Vascular Markers of Inflammation and Insulin Resistance in Obese Postmenopausal Women: Effects of Exercise and Weight Loss. In Review 2013 (RC2, RCDC)

Ryan AS, McLenithan JC, Zietowski GM.  Accerlerated Metabolic Susceptability to Type 2 Diabetes in Older Women with a History of Gestational Diabetes.  Endocrine Connections Accepted 2013 (RC2)

Serra MC, Blumenthal JB, Ryan AS.  Impact of Weight Loss and Aerobic Exercise on Nutrition and Bone Mineral Density in African American and Caucasian Postpenopausal Women.  J of Aging Research and Clinical Practice.  In Press 2013 (RC2, RCDC)

Shardell M, Simonsick EM, Hicks GE, Resnick B, Ferrucci L, Magaziner J. Sensitivity Analysis for Nonignorable Missingness and Outcome Misclassification from Proxy Reports. Epidemiology. 2013;24(2):215-23.  PMCID: PMC3566762 (RC1)

Shulman LM, Katzel LI, Ivey FM, Sorkin JD, Favors K, Anderson KE, et al. Randomized Clinical Trial of 3 Types of Physical Exercise for Patients With Parkinson Disease.  JAMA Neurol. 2013;70(2):183-90.  NIHMS:467341 (RC1, RC 2)

Stafford KA, Sorkin JD, Steinberger EK. Influenza vaccination among cancer survivors: disparities in prevalence between blacks and whites. J Cancer Surviv. 2013 Jan 3 [Epub ahead of print]  NIHMS:467131 (RC1)

Stookey AD, Katzel LI, Steinbrenner G, Shaughnessy M, Ivey FM. The Short Physical Performance Battery as a Predictor of Functional Capacity after Stroke. J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 2012 Dec 14 [Epub ahead of print]  NIHMS:467314 (RC2, RCDC)

Waldstein SR, Wendell CR, Lefkowitz DM, Siegel EL, Rosenberger WF, Spencer RJ, et al. Interactive relations of blood pressure and age to subclinical cerebrovascular disease. J Hypertens. 2012;30(12):2352-6. NIHMS:467310 (RC2)

Zhao L, Prior SJ, Kampmann M, Sorkin JD, Caldwell KJ, Braganza M, McEvoy S, Goldberg AP, Lal BK. Three Dimensional Ultrasound Assessment of DVT Volume: Clinical Protocol and Description of Time-Course of Thrombus Resolution.  Journal of Vascular Surgery. In Review 2013 (RC1, RC2)