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2010-2011 Publications

Baumgarten M, Margolis D, Orwig D, Hawkes W, Rich S, Langenberg P, et al. Use of pressure redistributing support surfaces among elderly hip fracture patients across the continuum of care: adherence to pressure ulcer prevention guidelines. Gerontologist. 2010;50(2):253-62. PMCID: 2838408. (RC 1, 5)

Baumgarten M, Margolis DJ, Orwig DL, Shardell MD, Hawkes WG, Langenberg P, et al. Pressure ulcers in elderly patients with hip fracture across the continuum of care. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2009;57(5):863-70. PMID: 19484841 (RC 1, 5)

Baumgarten M, Margolis DJ, Selekof JL, Moye N, Jones PS, Shardell M. Validity of pressure ulcer diagnosis using digital photography. Wound Repair and Regeneration 2009; 17:287-290 PMCID:2839538 (RC 1)

Baumgarten M, Shardell M, Rich S. Methodological issues in studies of the effectiveness of pressure ulcer prevention interventions. Adv Skin Wound Care. 2009;22(4):180-8; quiz 9-90. PMCID: 2841287 (RC 5)

Cappola AR, Hawkes WG, Blocher N, Yu-Yahiro J, Orwig D, Fredman L, Miller RR, Guralnik JM, Magaziner J. The hormonal profile of hip fracture female patients differs from community-dwelling peers over a 1-year follow-up period. Osteoporosis Int. 2010 Mar 4. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 20204599 (RC 1, 5)

Chambers JC, Zhang W, Lord GM, van der Harst P, Lawlor DA, Sehmi JS, Gale DP, Wass MN, Ahmadi KR, Bakker SJ, Beckmann J, Bilo HJ, Bochud M, Brown MJ, Caulfield MJ, Connell JM, Cook HT, Cotlarciuc I, Smith GD, de Silva R, Deng G, Devuyst O, Dikkeschei LD, Dimkovic N, Dockrell M, Dominiczak A, Ebrahim S, Eggermann T, Farrall M, Ferrucci L, Floege J, Forouhi NG, Gansevoort RT, Han X, Hedblad B, van der Heide JJ, Hepkema BG, Hernandez-Fuentes M, Hypponen E, Johnson T, de Jong PE, Kleefstra N, Lagou V, Lapsley M, Li Y, Loos RJ, Luan J, Luttropp K, Maréchal C, Melander O, Munroe PB, Nordfors L, Parsa A, et al. (total 94 authors). Genetic loci influencing kidney function and chronic kidney disease. Nat Gene class="jrnl"t class="src". 2010 Apr 11. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 20383145 (RCDC)

Chapin E, Zhan M, Hsu VD, Seliger SL, Walker LD, Fink JC. Adverse safety events in chronic kidney disease: the frequency of "multiple hits". Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2010;5(1):95-101. PMCID: 2801657. (RCDC)

Chua JV, Chen WH. Herpes zoster vaccine for the elderly: boosting immunity. Aging Health. 2010; 6(2): 169-176-. (RCDC)

deFilippi CR, Christenson RH, Gottdiener JS, Kop WJ, Seliger SL. Dynamic cardiovascular risk assessment in elderly people. The role of repeated N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide testing. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2010;55(5):441-50. PMCID: 2840257 (RCDC)

Einhorn LM, Zhan M, Hsu VD, Walker LD, Moen MF, Seliger SL, et al. The frequency of hyperkalemia and its significance in chronic kidney disease. Arch Intern Med. 2009;169(12):1156-62. PMID: 19546417 (RCDC)

Fink JC, Brown J, Hsu VD, Seliger SL, Walker L, Zhan M. CKD as an underrecognized threat to patient safety. Am J Kidney Dis. 2009;53(4):681-8. PMID: 19246142 (RCDC)

Forrester LW, Roy A, Krebs HI, Macko RF. Ankle Training with a robotic device improves hemiparetic gait after stroke. Neurorehab and Neural Repair (RC 2, PESC) 

Gardner A, Montgomery P, Ritti-Dias R, Forrester L. The effect of claudication pain on temporal and spatial gait measures during self-paced ambulation. Vascular Med.  2010 Feb;15(1):21-6 PMCID:2810355 (RC 2)

Globas C, Lam JM, Zhang W, Hertler B, Becker C, Whitall J, McCombe-Waller S, Mori S, Hanley DF, Luft AR. Pyramidal tract atrophy predicts baseline motor arm deficit but not therapy response to BATRAC training (In revision) (RC 2, RCDC)

Globas C, Macko R, Luft A. Role of walking exercise therapy after stroke. Expert Review in Cardio Med. 2009;7(8):905-10. PMID:19673668. (RC1)

Haentjens P, Magaziner J, Colon-Emeric CS, Vanderschueren D, Milisen K, Velkeniers B, Boonen S. Meta-analysis: Excess mortality after hip fracture among older women and men. Ann Intern Med. 2010 Mar 16;152(6):380-90. PMID: 20231569 (RC 1) 

Ivey FM, Hafer-Macko CE, Ryan AS, Macko RF. Impaired leg vasodilatory function after stroke: adaptations with treadmill exercise training. Neurology (submitted) (RC 1, 3, 4, RCDC, PESC)

Ivey FM, Ryan AS, Hafer-Macko CE, Macko RF. Effects of exercise training on cerebral vasomotor reactivity in hemiparetic stroke survivors. (In revision) (RC 1, 3, RCDC, PESC)

Jones-Lush LM, Judkins TN, Wittenberg GF. Arm movement maps evoked by cortical magnetic stimulation in a robotic environment. Neuroscience 2010;165:774-81 PMCID: 2818445 (RC1, PESC)

Khanna I, Roy A, Rodgers MM, Krebs HI, Macko RF, Forrester LW. Effects of unilateral robotic limb loading on gait characteristics in subjects with chronic stroke. Journal of NeuroEngin Rehab. (Accepted) (RC 2) 

Lam JM, Globas C, Cerny J, Hertler B, Uludag K, Forrester LS, Macko RF, Hanley DF, Becker C, Luft AR. Predictors of response to treadmill exercise in stroke survivors. Neurorehab and Neural Rep. (RC 1, 2, 3)

Lo AC, Guarino P, Krebs HI, Volpe BT, Bever CT, Duncan PW, Ringer RJ, Wagner TH, Richards LG, Bravata DM, Haselkorn JK, Wittenberg GF, Federman DG, Corn BH, Maffucci AD, Peduzzi P. Multicenter randomized trial of robot-assisted rehabilitation for chronic stroke: Methods and entry characteristics for VA ROBOTICS. Neurorehab Neural Repair. 2009;23(8):775-783. PMID: 19541917 (RC 1)

Lovering RM, McMillan AB, Gullapalli RP. Location of myofiber damage in skeletal muscle after lengthening contractions. Muscle Nerve. 2009;40(4):589-94. PMID: 19430482 (RCDC)

McKenzie MJ, Yu S, Prior SJ, Macko RF, Hafer-Macko CE. Hemiparetic stroke alters vastus lateralis myosin heavy chain profiles between the paretic and nonparetic muscles. Res Sports Med. 2009 Jan-Mar;17(1):17-27. PMCID: 2846402 (RC 1, 3, 4, 5, RCDC)

Mez JB, Cole JW, Howard TD, Macclellan LR, Stine OC, O'Connell JR, et al. Evaluation of self-reported ethnicity in a case-control population: the stroke prevention in young women study. BMC Res Notes. 2009;2:260. PMCID: 2801514. (RC 5)

Michael K, Goldberg AP, Treuth MS, Beans J, Normandt P, Macko RF. Progressive adaptive physical activity in stroke improves balance, gait, and fitness: preliminary results. Top Stroke Rehabil. 2009 Mar-Apr;16(2):133-9.PMID: 19581199 (RC 1, 3, 5, RCDC, PESC)

Miller M, Beach V, Sorkin JD, Mangano C, Dobmeier C, Novacic D, et al. Comparative effects of three popular diets on lipids, endothelial function, and C-reactive protein during weight maintenance. J Am Diet Assoc. 2009;109(4):713-7. PMCID: 2693202. (RC 5)

Miller RR, Ballew SH, Shardell MD, Hicks GE, Hawkes WG, Resnick B, et al. Repeat falls and the recovery of social participation in the year post-hip fracture. Age Ageing. 2009;38(5):570-5.PMID:19586976 (RC 1, 5, PESC)

Mizelle JC, Forrester LW, Hallett M, Wheaton LA. Electroencephalographic reactivity to unimodal and bimodal visual and proprioceptive demands in sensorimotor integration. Experimental Brain Research. (Accepted) (RC 2) 

Munzer T, Harman SM, Sorkin JD, Blackman MR. Growth hormone and sex steroid effects on serum glucose, insluin, and lipid concentrations in healthy older women and men. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2009;94(10): 3833-3841. PMCID: 2758730 (RC 5)

Nahm E-S, Resnick B, Orwig D, Magaziner J, DeGrezia M. Exploration of informal caregiving following hip fracture geriatric nursing. Geriatr Nurs., in press. (RC 1) Ortmeyer HK, MP Sajan, A Miura, Y Kanoh, J Rivas, Y Li, ML Standaert, AS Ryan, NL Bodkin, RV Farese, BC Hansen. Insulin signaling and insulin sensitizing in muscle and liver of obese monkeys: PPARgamma agonist improves defective activation of atypical protein kinase C. Antioxidants and Redox Signaling, In Press, 2010- (RC 4)

Oursler KK, Katzel LI, Smith BA, Scott WB, Russ DW, Sorkin JD. Prediction of cardiorespiratory fitness in older men infected with the human immunodeficiency virus: clinical factors and value of the six-minute walk distance. class="jrnl"J Am Geriatr Soc class="src1". 2009 Nov;57(11):2055-61. Epub 2009 Sep 28. class="rprtid1"PMID: 19793156 (RC 3, 5, RCDC)

Prior SJ, Goldberg AP, Ryan AS. ADRB2 haplotype is associated with glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in obese postmenopausal women.  In review. (RC 3, 5, RCDC, PESC)

Quaney BM, Boyd LA, McDowd JM, Zahner LH, Matthew SM, Macko RF. Aerobic exercise improves cognition and motor function post-stroke. Neurorehab and Neural Repair. 2009;23(9):879-85. PMID: 19541916 (RC 1) 

Rabek JP, Hafer-Macko CE, Amaning JK, Deford JH, Dimayuga VL, Madsen MA, Macko RF, Papaconstantinou J. A proteomics analysis of the effects of chronic hemiparetic stroke on troponin T expression in human vastus lateralis.  J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2009 Aug;64(8):839-49. Epub 2009 May 15.PMID: 19447848 (RC 1, 3, 4)

Reider L, Beck TJ, Hochberg MC, Hawkes WG, Orwig D, Yu-Yahiro J, Hebel R, Magaziner J. Women with hip fracture experience greater loss of geometric strength in the contralateral hip during the year following fracture compared to age-matched controls. Osteoporosis International 2010 May; 21(5):741-750 PMCID: 2847041 (RC 1, 5) 

Resnick B, Hicks G, Orwig D, Yu-Yahiro J, Magaziner J. Review of the impact of exercise interventions on function post hip fracture and recommendations for future interventions. International Journal  of Disability, Community and Rehabilitation 2010;9(1). (RC 1)

Resnick B, Shaughnessy M, Galik E, Scheve A, Fitten R, Morrison T, et al. Pilot testing of the PRAISEDD intervention among African American and low-income older adults. J Cardiovasc Nurs. 2009;24(5):352-61. PMID: 19652618 (RCDC)

Rich SE, Shardell M, Margolis D, Baumgarten M. Pressure ulcer preventive device use among elderly patients early in the hospital stay. Nursing Research 2009;58:95-104 PMCID: 2832670 (RC 5)

Roy A, Krebs HI, Macko RF. A novel theoretical framework for the dynamic stability analysis, movement control, and trajectory generation in a multisegment biomechanical model. Journal of Biomech Engin. 2009;13(1):1-13. PMID: 19045918 (RC 1)

Ryan  AS, Buscemi A, Forrester L, Ivey F, Hafer-Macko C.  Atrophy and Intra-muscular Fat in Specific Muscles of the Thigh and Associated Weakness and Hyperinsulinemia in Stroke Survivors (In Revision) (RC 1, 3, RCDC)

Ryan AS, Macko RF, Peters MN, Ivey FM, Prior SJ, Joseph LJ, et al. Plasma adiponectin levels are associated with insulin sensitivity in stroke survivors. J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 2009;18(3):214-20. PMCID: 2747076. (RC 1, 3, RCDC)

Ryan AS, Ortmeyer HK.  Aerobic exercise improves insulin sensitivity and skeletal muscle glycogen synthase activity in obese post-menopausal women with impaired glucose tolerance.  J Appl Physiol. (Submitted) (RC 1, 3, 4)

Seliger SL. Comorbidity and confounding in end-stage renal disease. Kidney Int. 2010;77(2):83-5. PMID: 20040920 (RCDC)

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Shardell M, Hicks GE, Miller RR, Kritchevsky S, Andersen D, Bandinelli S, et al. Association of low vitamin D levels with the frailty syndrome in men and women. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2009;64(1):69-75. PMCID: 2691187. (RC 5, RCDC)

Shardell M, Hicks GE, Miller RR, Langenberg P, Magaziner J. Pattern-mixture models for analyzing normal outcome data with proxy respondents. Statistics in Medicine, accepted. (RC 1)

Silverman NE, Inscore AB, Sorkin JD, Forrester LW, Hymer SK, Ortmeyer HK, Ryan AS, Goldberg AP. Yoga improves cardiovascular health, cognition and ambulation after menopause: A preliminary study. J of Alt and Comp Med. (Submitted) (RC 2, 3)

Skidmore FM, Mackman CA, Pav B, Shulman LM, Garvan C, Macko RF, Heilman KM. Daily ambulatory activity levels in idiopathic Parkinson disease.  J Rehabil Res Dev. 2008;45(9):1343-8. PMID: 19319758 (RC 1)

Stuart M, Benvenuti F, Macko R, Taviani A, Segenni L, Mayer F, Sorkin JD, Stanhope SJ, Macellari V, Weinrich M. Community-based adaptive physical activity program for chronic stroke: feasibility, safety, and efficacy of the Empoli model. class="jrnl"Neurorehabil Neural Repair class="src1". 2009 Sep;23(7):726-34. Epub 2009 Mar 24 PMID: 19318465 (RC 1, 5)

Stuart M, Papini D, Benvenuti F, Nerattini M, Roccato E, Macellari V, Stanhope S, Macko R, Weinrich M. Methodological issues in monitoring health services and outcomes for stroke survivors: A case study. Disability and Health Journal (RC 1)

Waldstein SR, Wendell CR, Seliger SL, Ferrucci L, Metter EJ, Zonderman AB. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, and cognitive function in the Baltimore longitudinal study of aging. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2010;58(1):38-43. PMCID: 2832849. (RCDC) 

Weber SG, Miller RR, Perencevich EN, Tolentino J, Meltzer D, Pitrak D, et al. Prevalence of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria isolated from older versus younger hospitalized adults: results of a two-centre study. J Antimicrob Chemother. 2009;64(6):1291-8. PMCID: 2775664. (RCDC)

Whitall J, McCombe-Waller S, Sorkin J, Forrester L, Macko R, Hanley D, Goldberg A, Luft A. Bilateral and unilateral arm training improve motor function through differing neuroplastic mechanisms: A single-blinded randomized controlled trial. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. (accepted) (RC 1, 2, 3, 5, RCDC)

Young Y, Resnick B. Don’t worry, be positive: improving functional recovery 1 year after hip fracture. Rehabil Nurs, 2009 May-Jun;34(3):110-7. PMCID: 2729270 (RC 1)

Yu-Yahiro J, Resnick B, Orwig D, Magaziner J. Design and implementation of a home-based exercise program post-hip fracture: The Baltimore hip studies experience. PM R. 2009 Apr;1(4):308-18. PMID: 19627913 (RC 1, 5)

Zhang W, Li X, Zhang J, Luft A, Hanley D, Zijl P, Miller M, Younes L, Mori S. Landmark-referenced voxel-based analysis of diffusion tensor images of the brainstem white matter tracts application in patients with middle cerebral artery stroke. Neuroimage. 2009; 44: 906-913. PMCID: 2662766 (RC 2)