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Community Outreach

The University of Maryland Older Americans Independence Center’s (UM-OAIC) faculty and staff are routinely asked to present or participate in events at senior centers, local senior gatherings and community hospitals. Additionally, the Center has developed a community newsletter focused on aging successfully. Details of these efforts are listed below:


Throughout the year, faculty and staff of the UM-OAIC attend community events. In the past, events have included health fairs, screening fairs and community festivals. While attending these events, the UM-OAIC faculty and staff provide educational materials related to building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and information about current research. To learn more about these efforts, please contact Anne Sullens at 410-706-1695 or


Faculty and staff are frequently invited to speak at senior centers, churches, and community hospitals. The presentations have ranged from reducing cardiovascular risk factors to exercise methods of rehabilitation following stroke. Additionally, our faculty have been featured on local radio and television “Ask the Expert” call in shows. To learn more or to schedule a presentation, please contact Anne Sullens at 410-706-1695 or