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Tuition Policy

LCME Standards

12.2 Tuition Refund Policy

Policy Statement

The University of Maryland, Baltimore charges medical students a flat-rate tuition on a per semester basis. A full-time medical student is charged full-time tuition – a total of 8 payments over four years – regardless of the variability of curricular requirements across semesters. For dual-degree students, this applies to the M.D. portion of their curriculum only. For a student who is granted permission to decelerate or interrupt their progress (e.g., for academic or personal reasons), the following graduated tuition scale is applied and may result in an increase in the overall amount of tuition paid:

  • Full Time: 16 or more credits
  • Three-Quarter Time: 12 to 15 credits
  • Half Time: 8 to 11 credits
  • One-Quarter Time: fewer than 8 credits

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Last Reviewed: April 20, 2020