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School Closing & Inclement Weather Policy

Scope and Purpose

Official policies and alerts regarding the UMB campus closing come from the President's Office and can be found at

Policy Statement

Pre-Clerkship Phase

If UMB is closed or delayed in opening for inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, pre-clerkship courses will resume when the campus officially reopens. UMB Alerts will serve to notify faculty, students and staff of such events. Course directors, in conjunction with the Office of Medical Education, will notify students about plans to reschedule any missed sessions and assessments due to the closure or delay.

Clinical Phase

Students with clinical duties should report to their assigned site regardless of UMB closures or delays provided the student can do so safely. If a student is unable to travel safely, the student must inform their team, course or clerkship director, and the Office of Student Affairs. If a student is on an outpatient service, on an elective rotation, or at a non-UMMC site, the student should confirm that the site is functioning before reporting for duty. If UMB is open and a student is unable to report to their assigned site, the student may be required to make up the missed time. If UMB is closed, students will not be required to make up missed time.

Liberal Leave

If UMB is open and liberal leave is in effect for faculty and staff, individual faculty members will determine whether a class or clinical activity will be held and will notify students accordingly.

Extended Closure 

For extended closures, UMSOM reserves the right to deliver content through alternative approaches and/or to hold classes at alternative sites until the campus reopens. Students must have reliable means of accessing the curriculum in real time from off site.

Related Policies/Procedures

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Approved: CCC February 18, 2020