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Grade and Evaluation Inquiry and Appeal

LCME Standards

9.8 Fair and Timely Summative Assessment

11.6 Student Access to Educational Records

Scope and Purpose

Policy Statement

If a student believes that a summative grade or evaluation, including narrative assessment, has been given in an arbitrary or capricious manner, within 30 days of receiving the grade/evaluation the student may request an inquiry and/or appeal.

Failing Grade

  • A student may appeal a failing grade by submitting a request in writing to the Dean with a copy sent to the Office of Student Affairs. (see Appeals Policy)

Grade/Evaluation Inquiry

  • The student meets with the course/clerkship director to clarify the various components contributing to the grade/evaluation in question.
  • If the concern remains unresolved, the student may proceed with a formal written appeal if still within the aforementioned timeframe.

Grade/Evaluation Appeal

  • The student must submit the appeal in writing to the course/clerkship director and may contact the Office of Student Affairs to assist with mediation.
  • A course/clerkship grading committee will convene to review the appeal along with any relevant documentation and will make a final determination within 30 days of the appeal.
  • The outcome of the appeal may result in a change to the final grade (higher or lower) and/or a change to the summative comments. The committee may also decide no change is warranted.
  • The decision of the course/clerkship grading committee is final.

For off-campus electives, the student should refer to any site-specific appeals process. If none exist, they may submit their concerns in writing directly to the faculty member and/or course director at the site and should inform the UMSOM Office of Student Affairs.

Related Policies/Procedures

Appeals Process

UMB policy for Review of Alleged Arbitrary and Capricious Grading


Approved: CCC March 17, 2020.