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Curricular Resources

Scope and Purpose

This policy covers all resources used throughout the medical education program for teaching and assessment.

Policy Statement

All School of Medicine curricular resources, including but not limited to written syllabus content, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, websites, and videos, are shared with UMSOM students for personal use as part of the School of Medicine’s medical education program. They are not intended to be shared outside of the UMB community. Redistribution or reposting of material created by others without their permission is a violation of U.S. copyright law. Anyone found to be engaging in this type of activity will be referred to the Judicial Board and/or appropriate UMB offices.

Journal articles, book chapters, and other copyrighted materials that are regularly used for teaching must be delivered through the library’s course reserve system or a copyright clearance must be on file with the Office of Medical Education.

Lectures will be recorded whenever possible and made available to students on the same day for morning sessions and the next day for afternoon sessions, barring technical difficulties. Sessions that include real patients may not be able to be recorded depending on patient permission.

In order to obtain access to curricular resources for a course, students must be currently enrolled in or have previously completed that course. Faculty members who are involved in the delivery of medical student education have access to curricular resources for education purposes only. Official course materials must be delivered through one the school’s learning management systems.

The Office of Medical Education does not maintain a permanent repository of teaching materials. Course directors and individual instructors should maintain a copy of their own materials.

Curricular resources will be reviewed and may be altered by the Office of Medical Education.


Approved: CCC, May 19, 2020