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2018 News

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YouthWorks Imparts Lessons About Jobs, Workplace

Youth Works Story Image July 25, 2018
UMB News

Kiana Carr and Sydnie Taylor are students at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County pursuing biology degrees and careers in the medical field. Carr wants to be a pediatrician. Taylor is leaning heavily toward pediatric dentistry, but she’s not 100 percent sure.

Full story on UMB News

Students Begin High School Summer Bioscience Program at UMB

Students in Summer Bioscience Summer Program classJuly 2, 2018
The Elm

This summer, just like the previous nine, Baltimore City high school students who aspire to careers in research and health care will work with University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) scientists and University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) clinicians in the Summer Bioscience Internship Program (SBIP). Full story on The Elm

Maryland's Rural Areas Don't Have Enough Doctors, Report Finds

March 2, 2018
Baltimore Sun

Maryland’s rural areas don’t have enough doctors, forcing residents to travel elsewhere for some medical treatment. Transportation is also a problem in rural areas, with many residents living far from towns and cities, making it hard for some people to get to the doctor. Full story on