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Preceptor Tax Credit Program

The Maryland AHEC Program, along with its partners and legislative sponsors Senator Addie Eckardt and Delegate Sheree Sample Hughes, championed the Preceptor Tax Credit Program legislation, Senate Bill 411 / House Bill 1474 (Chapters 385 and 386, respectively), during the 2016 Session.  The Preceptor Tax Credit Program authorizes a credit against the State income tax for individuals who have served as a preceptor in certain preceptorship programs and work in areas of the State with health care workforce shortages.

Preceptorship program means an organized system of clinical experience, that, for the purpose of attaining specified learning objectives, pairs either 1) a Medical student in a Maryland medical school with a licensed Physician who meets the qualifications as a preceptor, or 2) a Nurse Practitioner student enrolled in a nursing education program that is recognized by the State Board of Nursing with a Nurse Practitioner or licensed Physician who meets the qualifications as a preceptor.  The list of eligible Physician programs is generated from the University of Maryland Baltimore and Johns Hopkins University while the list of eligible NP preceptors are generated by the Board of Nursing.

For more information, including eligibility and application materials, please visit

Governor Larry Hogan signs the Preceptor Tax Credit bill into law


One component of the MAHEC program requires medical students to participate in preceptorships with community physicians. It is through these community/academic partnerships that a commitment is fostered to enhance health care access in rural and urban, underserved areas within the State. Learn more