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  • Delta Omega Honor Society group photo

    2024 Delta Omega Inductees

    (left to right) Ms. Reena Rambharat (President, Beta Tau Chapter of Delta Omega), Dr. Luis Pinet-Peralta, Dr. Nadine Finigan-Carr, Dr. Anthony Chin Loy, Ms. Kaitlin Mason, Ms. Madelyn Nossick, Ms. Ana Scherf, Ms. Michelle Peralta, and Dr. Jessia Brown (Immediate Past President, Beta

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Beta Tau Chapter of Delta Omega

The Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health was founded in 1924 at Johns Hopkins University within the School of Hygiene and Public Health to encourage and recognize excellence in practice, research, education, and academic achievement in the field of public health. Currently, there are over 100 chapters and the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Master of Public Health Program established the Beta Tau chapter of Delta Omega in 2010.

Executive Board for the Beta Tau Chapter

The Executive Board consists of five active members and they share oversight of the chapter’s business.

Reena Rambharat
Nominating Chapter: Alpha
Term: 2024-2026

JaWanna Henry
Nominating Chapter: Beta Tau
Term 2024-2026

 Jessica Brown
Immediate Past President
Nominating Chapter: Beta Tau
Term: 2024-2026



Mabinty Conteh
Nominating Chapter: Beta Tau
Term: 2024-2026

Emmanuel Oga
Nominating Chapter: Beta Tau
Term: 2024-2026


Membership in Delta Omega reflects the dedication of an individual to increase the quality of the public health field, as well as the protection and advancement of the health of all people. The Executive Board selects new members for induction at the Annual Chapter Meeting. There are four categories of active membership within the Beta Tau Chapter of Delta Omega.

  • Alumni members are graduates of the program whose work in the practice of public health serves as a model for future MPH graduates.
  • Student members are selected from the upper 25% in class standing and have demonstrated real or potential qualities of leadership in public health in addition to academic excellence.  Each Delta Omega chapter is eligible to induct only 20% of a graduating class.
  • Faculty members are selected from those in the MPH program with outstanding public health performance in scholarship, teaching, research, and the quality of publications.
  • Honorary members are individuals that possess exceptional public health qualifications and have attained a meritorious distinction in the field of public health.


Induction Year First Name Last Name
2010 Ayse Mindikoglu
2010 Renee Royak-Schaler
2010 LaKisha Davis-Flagg
2011 Nicholas Laughton
2011 Hoai An Troung
2011 Jay Magaziner
2011 Kyndra Jackson
2012 Mona Baumgarten
2012 Pranav Shetty
2013 Cathy Costa
2013 Elise Murphy
2013 Dina Sztein
2013 Lisa Klingenmaier
2014 Wendy Lane
2014 Samer El-Kamary
2014 Edward Keen III
2015 Jennifer Courneya
2015 David Riedel
2015 Lee Anne Palmer
2016 Sarah Kilby
2016 Leah Perrotta
2017 Bhoghkumarie Reena Rambharat
2017 Fatou-Sira   Thiam
2017 Laurence Magder
2018 Darlene Robinson
2018 Timileyin Adediran
2018 Whitney Burton
2018 Clare Donofrio
2018 Breana McKinnon
2018 Jessica Brown
2019 Brendan Day
2019 Charles Fleming
2019 Rahel Kebede
2019 Talia Kozlowski
2019 Christopher Petrucelli
2019 Robert Sellke
2019 Akiba Drew
2019 Katherine Campbell
2019 Perri Carroll
2019 JaWanna Henry
2019 Erin Hager
2020 Nicole Campion Dialo
2020 Natalie Fecteau
2020 Dana Hussein
2020 Marissa Khajavi
2020 Folasayo Adunola
2020 Jennifer Albrecht
2021 Susan  Bright Ponte
2021 Jamila  Torain
2021 Doris Yimgang Ngandjouong
2021 Charlotte Kilchenstein
2021 Emily  Heinlein
2021  Emmanuel  Oga 
2021 Laundette Jones 
2021 Judith  Park 
2021 Rebecca  Shaw
2021 Thanh  Pham
2022 Emmanuel  Agaba 
2022 Sania  Amr 
2022 Mabinty  Conteh 
2022 Sarah  Kattakuzhy 
2022 Karyl  Thomas Rattay 
2022  Jamie  Sibel 
2023 Christine  Anyanwu
2023 Sydney Feldman
2023 Hanna LeBuhn
2023 Yolanda Ogbolu
2023 Susan Wozenski
2023 Margarita Chukhina
2023 Bradley  Knight
2023 Katherine Feldman
2024 Anthony  Chinloy
2024 Chinonye Donna Egbulem
2024 Nadine Finigan-Carr
2024 Kaitlin Mason
2024 Madelyn Nossick
2024 Michelle Peralta
2024 Luis Pinet-Peralta
2024 Magda Schaler-Haynes
2024 Ana Scherf


Program News

2023 Beta Tau Chapter of Delta Omega Inductees Honored at EPH Graduation Ceremony

Group photo of the 2023 Delta Omega inductees
(left to right) Dr. Yolanda Ogbolu, Professor Susan Wozenski, Christine Anyanwu Sydney Feldman, Hanna LeBuhn, Margarita Chukhina,’14 (not pictured), Bradley Knight, ’19 (not pictured), and Dr. Katherine Feldman (not pictured)