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To meet the student interests and faculty strengths, the Master of Public Health (MPH) Program has three distinct concentrations that it offers which include Community and Population Health, Epidemiology and Global Health.

The Community and Population Health Concentration provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to design, implement and evaluate public health programs for diverse communities. It includes fieldwork experience in which students work directly in a community setting for a public health agency, gaining valuable “hands-on” experience and providing an opportunity to put knowledge and skills into practice in the field.

Community and Population Health Concentration Courses (12 credits)
Course # Course Name # of Credits
PH 710 Community-Based Engagement Methods 3
PH 715 Urban Health 3
PH 735 Health Communication for Behavior Change 3
PREV 758 Health Survey Research Methods 3

The Epidemiology Concentration is designed for students who desire quantitative research skills in epidemiologic study design and data analysis. A fieldwork experience in the epidemiology concentration provides students with an opportunity to apply research theory in a practice-based setting. 

Epidemiology Concentration Courses (12 credits)
Course # Course Name # of Credits
PH 706 Applied Epidemiology 3
PH 754 Observational Studies in Epidemiology 3
PH 722 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology 3
PREV 803 Clinical Trials/Experimental Epidemiology 3

The Global Health Concentration enhances students’ understanding of the complexity of issues, including social, economic, historical and political factors that affect global health. The fieldwork experience for an MPH global health concentration student is required to address a public health issue either overseas or in an immigrant or refugee population in the United States. 

Global Health Concentration Courses (12 credits)
Course # Course Name # of Credits
PH 711 Global Health Security 1
PH 713 Topics in Nutrition Epidemiology  1
PH 717 Global Public Health Emergencies 1
PH 719 Global Public Health Law 1
PH 723 Global Burden of Disease 3
PH 727 Critical Issues in Global Health 3
PH 737 Dissemination and Implementation Science  3

A complete list of MPH courses and descriptions can be found here.