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Located in Baltimore, the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Master of Public Health (MPH) Program is a professional degree program that currently offers an MPH as well as several joint opportunities for health, law, and human services professionals.

The MPH Program uniquely combines classroom learning with real-world experiences that prepare the MPH students for leadership positions in public health. To that end, the program:

  • Is grounded in the tradition and excellence of a major medical school and biomedical research institution
  • Provides opportunities for community engagement and hands-on experience in a dynamic and diverse urban setting
  • Exposes students to numerous opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaboration
  • Has placement opportunities with local, state, national and international agencies

Are there specific areas of study within the MPH Program?

Three academic concentrations are offered within the MPH Program. When applying to the program, each student selects one concentration.

  • Community and Population Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Global Health

What are the course requirements?

Students are required to complete a minimum of 42 credits to earn the MPH degree as shown below:

MPH Degree Requirements

Requirement Credits
Core Courses    24
Concentration    12
Public Health Practicum      4
Integrative Public Health Seminar      2
Total                                             42

 Core Courses - 24 credits

Course # Course Name # of Credits
PH 608 Foundations of Public  Health 1
PH 614 Professional Skills for Public Health 2
PH 630 Health Equity and Social Justice 3
PH 632 Concepts in Qualitative Research for Public Health 3
PH 600 Principles of Epidemiology 3
PH 645 Program Planning and Evaluation 3
PH 621  Biostatistical Methods 3
PH 624  Public Health & Health Care Systems and Policy 3
PH 615 Leadership for Public Health Professionals 3

 Concentration Courses - 12 credits

 Fieldwork Experience - 4 credits

The fieldwork experience is obtained through the Public Health Practicum course. The practicum is a 240-contact hour field experience that takes place in a public health agency under the supervision of a trained public health preceptor. 

Course # Course Name # of Credits
PH  782 Public Health Practicum 4

Culminating Experience - 3 credits

The Integrative Public Health Seminar serves as the integrative culminating experience for the MPH degree program.

Course # Course Name # of Credits
PH 778 Integrative Public Health Seminar 2

A complete list of MPH courses and descriptions can be found here.