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Technology Requirement

Policy Statement

Students must provide their own device(s) capable of performing daily curricular activities. Devices must have wireless capability and the ability to run Microsoft Office 365 applications. Students cannot use smartphones, tablets, or tablet hybrids to take assessments.

A curriculum technology fee will be assessed each semester for technical support to assist medical students with instructional hardware and software connectivity issues. Repairs and troubleshooting for student-owned devices will not be provided.

Minimum specifications

 Windows laptop Mac OS laptop 
OS Windows 10 OSX or higher
Hard Drive 

128 GB or higher

Can be either a Solid State (SSD) or traditional rotating hard drive

RAM 8 GB or higher  

HD 12" or higher

1920x1080 is considered HD (high definition)

Wireless abgn  
Recommended   Business grade devices such as: Levnovo Thinkpad; HP EliteBook; Dell Latitude/Vostro MacBook or MacBook Pro 


Approved: CCC, May 19, 2020