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CARTI Training Tracks

The CARTI Training Tracks are designed as a “first stop” for senior fellows and junior faculty within their first few years of appointment who have not successfully secured extramural funding and who need additional experience in research to advance in their career, and/or prior to pursuing an advanced degree or formal certificate program. The purpose of creating the CARTI Training Tracks is to increase the pool of clinician-scientists and basic scientists engaged in research; to build stronger research partnerships; to strengthen the existing portfolio of evidence-based clinical care; and to increase the amount of research funding that is competitively secured.

Now launching the Basic Science Research Training Track. Click HERE for application information. Applications are due Friday, July 26, 2024 by 5pm EDT.



"The CARTI training track was an informative and engaging program that allowed me to network with other researchers on the UMB campus and exposed me to the various resources available on campus. In the first half of the CARTI training track, I learned how to better plan and organize my research studies. In the second part of the CARTI training track, I was exposed to research grant writing. During this time, I learned the basics of grant writing and received important feedback from mentors. The time spent in each CARTI session was a valuable learning experience and I know that the information I learned through this program will help me in the rest of my career." 

- Alexis Salerno, MD FPD-AEMUS, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, UMSOM


"I found the 2022-2023 CARTI scholars program to be a transformative academic program fostering scientific excellence among early career scientists training here at the University of Maryland Baltimore. The didactic portions, peer project presentations, grantsmanship training, NIH study section reviews, and exceptional mentoring and camaraderie have collectively shaped me into a confident and well-rounded early career scientist. I am grateful for the opportunities, the mentorship, and the rigorous and meaningful scientific training this program has provided to me as a postdoctoral fellow. It has equipped me with a robust scientific skill set, a heightened scientific perspective, and a steady resolve for making a meaningful impact as a biomedical engineer working to create clinically translatory technologies to solve unmet clinical challenges. I am taking my early career steps right here at the University of Maryland Baltimore, propelled by the 2022-2023 CARTI scholars program." (Read full testimonial ) 

- Nikhil Pandey, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Neurosurgery, Brain Tumor Treatment Research Center, UMSOM