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Faculty Change-in-Status


**Change in status may require a new offer letter. Please refer to our Offer Process page for guidance

  • There are four basic types of change-in-status. If you are considering a change for a faculty member that is not listed on this page please call our office for more details.
  • Please submit change-in-status packets via e-mail, as a single pdf file, to Rose Drayton and Ruth Bassford.
  • A change-in-status does not involve a change of rank. Changes in rank are considered promotions. Please refer to the page on promotions on how to proceed.
  • A fluctuation in FTE for part time faculty is not a change in status. However, if the change is to 50% FTE or greater than you will need to follow the guidelines for a faculty recruitment.
  • All ranks for Volunteer appointments should be prefixed with either "Adjunct" or "Clinical"
  • All ranks for Part-Time appointments that are clinical should be prefixed with "Clinical".  The "Adjunct" prefix should not be used for any part-time ranks.
  • Please note that changes to FT status may require approval by the APT Committee, Executive Committee, and Faculty Council.