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Offer Process

  1. Senior Faculty Candidates Must Meet with Dean's Office Leadership Prior to Offer.  Candidates being considered for the ranks of Associate Professor or Professor, on the tenure track or with tenure, are required to meet with either Dr. Christopher O'Donnell, Vice Dean for Research Development & Operations, or Dr. James Kaper, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, for a personal interview prior to the release of the offer letter. To schedule, email the following to Tanya Hopkins ( and copy Monique Ogarro ( candidate's CV, brief description, and whether the candidate should meet with Dr. Kaper or Dr. O'Donnell.
  2. ONLY U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident candidates can be appointed on the tenure track or with tenure.
  3. To obtain the Dean’s approval of an offer letter, submit the following documentation to the Office of Academic Administration by email to Monique Ogarro ( and copy David Ingle (  (Offer Packet submission deadline is 5 pm on Tuesday to be reviewed at Thursday meeting)

           A.  Draft Offer Letter (MS Word)

           B.  ONE PDF attachment of the following:

    • Candidate's CV (Does not need to be in SOM format)
    • Salary Sheet including approved FRIS position number
    • Faculty confirmation statement (FRCS)
    • Copies of any ads (at least 2) as they appeared in Taleo & journals in print or on-line, preferably showing the date and journal title
    • Screenshot of Taleo applicants' poll showing selected candidates' application.
    • Foreign Relationship Questionnaire - The FRQ is required for every offer resulting from an approved, full recruitment (i.e, Ranks of Instructor and higher, at 50% FTE and higher, where OAA approval to advertise with position number was received and full search occurred.)

- Use MS Word's track changes tool when you modify an offer letter already submitted and revised.

- You will be notified by email once the Dean has approved the offer letter.

- Once the offer has been officially approved, you may then offer the candidate the position and, if the offer is accepted, begin to gather all Appointment Process paperwork.

- For Senior research faculty recruits, contact the Dean’s Office if the candidate’s research team will join him/her in relocating to UMB (ie; other faculty, post-docs and/or research staff). It is very important that you make this determination as soon as possible and then provide David Ingle ( with a definitive list of names and job descriptions. This will help to ensure that all necessary procedures with regard to Campus HR policies are followed in a timely manner and the transition is handled smoothly.

Research Associate and Instructor appointments no longer require advertising. Therefore, you can appoint someone at one of these ranks without a search. See Research Associate/Instructor Offer Letter

Important Notes and Reminders:

  1. Offer letter submission deadline to the Dean’s Office is 5 pm on Tuesday to be reviewed at Thursday meeting
  2. Do NOT make an ORAL or WRITTEN offer until you have obtained Dean’s approval of offer
  3. If you want to hire a foreign national, be familiar with the visa process. A significant amount of lead time is required.  Contact the Office of International Services (OIS) with any questions.
  4. Active UMSOM Faculty Appointment is Required Before UMMC Temporary or Provisional Clinical Privileges May Be Granted:; Therefore, proposed effective dates must allow enough time for the faculty appointment process to be completed.
  5. Review USM VII - 2.10 – POLICY ON EMPLOYMENT OF MEMBERS OF THE SAME FAMILY (NEPOTISM) when hiring members of the same family 
  6. Moving and Relocation Expenses
    - Review UMB Policy on Payment to Assist an Employee Incurring Moving and Relocation Expenses when considering relocation assistance
    - Moving/relocation assistance should be limited to distances greater than 50 miles
    - The campus recommends this Moving Cost Calculator to help determine the reasonableness of relocation assistance.


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