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Scholar Fellow Appointment Process

Offer Letters

Use one of the following templates for a fellow appointment offer letter:

Most Scholar Fellows should be paid in some way either through the University at the designated NIH level as required by the UMSOM Scholar Fellow Policy, or paid by a sponsoring home institution. In rare cases, it is acceptable for a fellow to be here on a voluntary basis. If you have a situation which you believe would meet the criteria for a volunteer fellow appointment, please contact the Office of Academic Administration.

Appointing New Fellows

The process for appointing a new fellow, regardless of title, is as follows. For new appointments, send the following as one scanned document attached to an email to Ms. China Lee, Faculty Administration Specialist (

  • Scholar Fellow Appointment Offer Letter using templates above, signed by Department Chair or Institute/Center/Program Director (whichever is applicable) and accepted by fellow.
  • CV
  • CV Verification Form
  • Salary Sheet
  • Demographic Form- Fellows and Post-Docs
  • For Visiting Scholar Fellows ONLY:
    Include a copy of the letter from the visiting fellow’s home institution confirming the amount they will pay and the effective dates of the funding.
  • Doctoral Degree Conferred Within Last Six (6) Months Prior to Appointment:
    If the fellow has received their doctoral degree within the past six months, include a copy of an official transcript or copy of diploma (if transcript not available). The document must show the degree awarded and date degree conferred.
  • Doctoral Degree Earned But Not Yet Conferred:
    If the coursework for the degree has been completed, but the degree not yet conferred, include a letter form the granting institution’s registrar’s office that documents that all the degree requirements have been met and the date on which the degree will be conferred. The template letter should address them as Ms. or Mr. in the letter, but the title can be Post-Doctoral Fellow.
  • Doctoral Degree Being Pursued But Not Yet Earned or Awarded:
    If a doctoral degree is being pursued but not yet awarded, proceed with a Research Fellow appointment and proceed with the Scholar Fellow Title Change Process once the degree is awarded. The template letter should address them as Ms. or Mr. in the letter. The title must be Research Fellow.