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Medical Student Education

‌We often have third or fourth year medical students from the University of Maryland and other medical schools in the clinic for rotations.

Students can be involved in all aspects of patient evaluation and treatment planning.  For more information about setting up a medical student rotation, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

Medical Students 2019

Pictured above are the 2019 summer research fellows outside of their work site on campus.

University of Maryland Radiation Oncology Virtual Clerkship Curriculum

Recognizing the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Maryland School of Medicine has launched a Virtual Clerkship in Radiation Oncology. The objective of this curriculum is to provide medical students exposure to nearly all aspects of life as a Radiation Oncologist, while providing an opportunity to directly interact with attendings and residents in our program. Throughout this four week elective, medical students will participate in didactic sessions including weekly resident conferences and one-on-one sessions with the Program Director and Chief Resident. The highlight of the clerkship will be an opportunity for virtual case presentations, contouring reviews and treatment plan reviews. Experience will include introduction to advanced radiation modalities such as proton treatment at our state-of-the-art Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC), thermal therapy, and the University of Maryland–developed GammaPod™ stereotactic radiation therapy system for early-stage breast cancer. Students will be assigned to one or two attending-resident pairs on a bi-weekly rotation schedule. Students will also be invited to give an end-of-rotation presentation on a topic of their choice.

Vist the the AAMC Visting Student Learning Opportunity (VSLO) program website to apply for an elective opportunity. For more information about setting up a virtual medical student rotation, please contact Dionna Robinson at, 410-328-1677.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Department of Radiation Oncology, via an Endowment Fund for Academic Excellence in Radiation Oncology, has several scholarship opportunities to be awarded to medical students who attend the University of Maryland School of Medicine.  The student must demonstrate a strong interest in Radiation Oncology.  The Radiation Oncology Summer Fellowship program application opens Monday March 3/8/2021 and will close Wednesday March 3/31/2021. The scholarships will be offered either jointly with the PRISM program or directly through Radiation Oncology and can range up to $4,000, depending on the available funding and number of applications. Candidates are encouraged to apply both for the PRISM and Radiation Oncology Summer Fellowship Program to maximize their chances for selection. Only one scholarship will be awarded.

Students who are looking for research projects in Radiation Oncology, can reach out to Dr. Pranshu Mohindra, MD at Assoc. Professor of Radiation Oncology and Director of Research Internships, and copy Dionna Robinson,

Having a project identified prior to application is encouraged but not a requirement.

Please also visit the Office of Student Research for more information.

Medical Student Fellowship and Awards Opportunities

The Department of Radiation Oncology, which maintains a vigorous program of research across a broad spectrum of basic, translational, and clinical topics, values the participation of medical students in these activities. Each year University of Maryland medical students work directly with faculty members on cutting-edge investigations, with resulting presentations, publications, and recognition.  The Department of Radiation Oncology, via an Endowment Fund for Academic Excellence in Radiation Oncology is pleased to announce the availability of following medical student awards.

Radiation Oncology Medical Student Research Award

The Radiation Oncology Research Award is awarded to a third or fourth year medical student who has successfully completed a research project during their second year, third year and/or first semester of their fourth year. The recipient receives a scholarship which will go towards their medical school tuition. The award is given each spring, and the goal is to complete a reserach project that leads to a publication or national presentation.

Previous Recipients

Muhammad Hamza, 2019

Moshe Meister, 2016

Tejan Diwanji, 2013

Maliha Zainib, 2018

Duc Nguyen, 2014

Melissa Liriano, 2013

Justin Cohen, 2017                     

Andrew Hanna, 2014

Musaddiq Awan, 2012

Dahlia Kronfli

Pictured above, University of Maryland medical student and 2019 summer fellowship award recipient Dahlia Kronfli received a travel award and gave her oral presentation at The Association for Academic Minority Physicians, Inc. (AAMP) Annual Meeting, titled: “Identifying Psychosocial, Demographic, and Economic Disparities for Cancer Patients Undergoing Definitive Radiation Therapy in an Urban Underserved Population.”

Radiation Oncology Medical Student Summer Fellowship

First or second year medical students will complete one research project in radiobiology, clinical radiation oncology or physics during a ten week summer project. The goal is for the project to lead to a publication or national presentation. The deadline is 3/31/21.

 Radiation Oncology Summer Fellowship Application 2021

Previous Recipients

Riyadh Ali, 2021

Jessica Yau, 2021 part-time

Sung Choi, 2019

Arielle Brackett, 2017

Moshe Meister, 2013

Kiara Whitaker, 2021

Danielle Aarons, 2020

Pragnya Dontu, 2019

Jiun-Yiing Hu, 2017

 (honorary recipient)

Andrew Hanna, 2013

Emily Engelbrecht-Wiggans, 2021

Pragnya Dontu, 2020

Phillip Damron, 2019

Emily Morse, 2017

Duc Nguyen, 2012


Abheek Ghosh, 2020

Dahlia Kronfli, 2019

Ankur Vaidya, 2017

Vishal Duggal, 2010


Melanie Berger, 2019

Muhammad Hamza, 2018

Gloribel Le, 2016

Tejan Diwanji, 2009


 David Chiat, 2019

Max An, 2018

Daphna Katz, 2014

Sarah Sasor, 2009

Radiation Oncology Medical Student Graduation Award

The Radiation Oncology Graduation Award recognizes a fourth year medical student who has shown excellence in his or her work in radiation oncology and has demonstrated sustained interest in the field of radiation oncology during their medical school training.

Previous Recipients

Muhammad Hamza, 2021

Ilaria Caturegli, 2020

Justin Cohen, 2018


Hua-Ren R. Cherng, 2020

Emily Kowalski, 2015

Interested students should contact the Office of Student Research or Diona Robbinson at or 410-328-1677.

Pictured above left to right: Max An, 2018 Summer Fellowship Recipient; Pranshu Mohindra, MD, MBBS, Associate Professor and Director of Research Internships; Muhammad Hamza, 2018 Summer Fellowship Recipient; at the University of Maryland School of Medicine Summer Research Training Program, Student Research Forum 2018, hosted by the Office of Student Research