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Medical Student Education

‌We often have third or fourth year medical students from the University of Maryland and other medical schools in the clinic for rotations.

Students can be involved in all aspects of patient evaluation and treatment planning.  For more information about setting up a medical student rotation, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Department of Radiation Oncology, via an Endowment Fund for Academic Excellence in Radiation Oncology, has several scholarship opportunities to be awarded to medical students who attend the University of Maryland School of Medicine.  The student must demonstrate a strong interest in Radiation Oncology.  The scholarship awards for this program are worth up to $2,500. 

University of Maryland Medical Students who are interested in applying for a scholarship should visit the website for more information.

Medical Student Fellowship and Awards Opportunities

Radiation Oncology Research Award

The Radiation Oncology Research Award is awarded to a third or fourth year medical student who has successfully completed a research project during their second year, third year and/or first semester of their fourth year. The recipient receives a scholarship which will go towards their medical school tuition. The award is given each spring, and the goal is to complete a reserach project that leads to a publication or national presentation.

Radiation Oncology Summer Fellowship

First or second year medical students will complete one research project in radiobiology, clinical radiation oncology or physics during a ten week summer project. The goal is for the project to lead to a publication or national presentation. The deadline will be in April.

Radiation Oncology Graduation Award

The Radiation Oncology Graduation Award recognizes a fourth year medical student who has shown excellence in his or her work in radiation oncology and has demonstrated sustained interest in the field of radiation oncology during their medical school training.

Interested students should contact the Office of Student Research or Tina Begay Doerer at, 410-328-1677.

UMSOM Summer Research Training Programs Student Research Forum 2018

Hosted by the Office of Student Research

Pictured above left to right: Max An, 2018 Summer Fellowship Recipient; Pranshu Mohindra, MD, MBBS, Associate Professor and Director of Research Internships; Muhammad Hamza, 2018 Summer Fellowship Recipient