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Posters & Banners

Scientific Poster Information

Digital services include publication quality prints from files, large format posters, signs, PowerPoint slides and printouts. The Photo & Graphics Group can either create your images for you, or work with your files. If you would like to download Poster Templates, we have many available.

  • Please supply The Photo & Graphics Group with your text in a MS Word file.
  • Images for posters can be dropped off as files or actual photographs. The fee noted in the Rate box includes design and a maximum of two proof sessions.
  • Please submit the finalized version of your poster.
  • Re-submissions are considered new jobs.
  • Re-printing will be billed at full price.

Helpful hints in creating your PowerPoint Poster

In PowerPoint you will need to set the page size. Go to FILE ? PAGE SETUP ? CUSTOM and type in your poster dimensions. PowerPoint has a size limit of 56" x 56". If you would like your poster larger than the limit, scale it down by half and we will scale it up. (For example for a 4' x 6' poster, type in 24"x 36" and we will double the size. This will not affect the quality.)


For Greek characters, we recommend the SYMBOL font and NOT the insert function. The insert function will not print correctly. Many Microsoft fonts are installed as screen fonts and will not print properly. They can cause kerning problems even though they appear correct on screen - resulting in bunched up letters. This is not apparent until after the poster is printing. Please talk to us about your fonts.

Inserting Images

And lastly, it is correct to cut and past text into your PPT document, but do not cut and past charts, graphs and photographs into your PPT files. These items should be inserted into the file to be printed correctly. You do this by INSERT ? PICTURE ? FROM FILE select your image. This is true for logos also. Download Logos.

Graphs made in Sigma Plot must be inserted as a jpeg, tif or bmp file.

We will make every effort to make sure that our poster images print correctly. We cannot be held responsible for the final print quality of images and logos that the customer has supplied.  

Payment MUST be made at time of pick up. Posters will not be released unless prior arrangements have been made for payment.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Customer Files: 2-4 working days
Up to 42" x 60"
3' x 6' $90.00
4' x 4' $100.00
4' x 6' $200.00
4' x 8' $300.00
Prices include heavy duty travel tube, custom trimming,
and the latest versions of hi-res logos when requested.