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Branding and Logo Standards

Our Logo

Brochures, posters, stationery (including business cards and letterhead) and other publications must use the official School of Medicine logo.

Branding standards and logos may be obtained from the University of Maryland Office of Communications and Public Affairs. Do not print new materials using the old School of Medicine logo (seal).

To download official logos and style guides, please visit:

If you have a question about which logo to use or how the logo may be used, you may:

  • Contact the School of Medicine Office of Public Affairs

    Kris Rifkin
    Director, Design and Creative Strategy
    Office of Public Affairs and Communications
    655 W. Baltimore Street, 21201 | 14-34B

  • Contact the brand ambassador for your department, program, research center, institute or office.

Until further notice, all uses of the new logo must be approved by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

Our Name

The correct names for the School of Medicine are "University of Maryland School of Medicine" and "School of Medicine."

The following are NOT correct: "University of Maryland Medical School," "University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Medicine," "University of Maryland Medical Center," or "University of Maryland Medical System."