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Submit Your News

How to Submit Your Buzzworthy News

  1. Review the Buzz Guidelines (PDF)
  2. Download & complete the Buzz Submission Template (MS Word)
  3. Attach the completed template & related files to the online form.

Tip: Use previous issues of What's the Buzz? as a model while completing the template.

The online form below is for faculty members, postdoctoral fellows and students to inform Public Affairs/Media Relations about news that may be of interest to colleagues or the general public. Submissions may merit a press release, or they may be best suited for The Buzz or SOMnews.

We are particularly interested in:

  • New or novel research
  • Innovative treatments
  • Journal Publications (in advance of the publication date)
  • National and international lectures and meetings (preferably, before the event)
  • Grants and Contracts (upon notification)
  • Patents
  • Awards and Accomplishments

Buzz Submission Deadline Schedule

2024 Buzz Submissions