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The success of the MGC Program is due to the commitment of our academic and research faculty as well as the dedication of our clinical supervisors. We utilize academic, private, and public hospitals as well as private practice offices, and laboratories to maximize the learning opportunities for our students.

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Program Leadership

Shannan Dixon, MS, CGC
Program Director

Rachel Nusbaum, MS, CGC
Assistant Program Director

Miriam Blitzer, PhD
Division Head, Genetics

Carol Greene, MD
Medical Director

Ann Toma
Sr. Academic Services Specialist

Clinical and Laboratory Core Faculty

Katharine Bisordi, MS, MGC, CGC
Cancer and Research Genetic Counselor

Elizabeth Cutting, MGC, CGC
Prenatal Genetic Counselor

Austin DeMoss, MGC, CGC
Prenatal Genetic Counselor

Alena Egense, MGC, CGC
Pediatric Genetic Counselor

Julie Frank, MGC,CGC
Cardiovascular and Pediatric Genetic Counselor

Rachel Gore, ScM, CGC
Pediatric Genetic Counselor

Amanda Higgs, MGC, CGC
Prenatal Genetic Counselor

Linda Jeng, MD, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics/Pathology

Kristin Maloney, MS, MGC, CGC
Adult, Personalized Medicine and Research Genetic Counselor

Jenna Plamondon, ScM, ScM, CGC
Prenatal Genetic Counselor

Jessica Scott, MGC, CGC
Cancer and Pediatric Genetic Counselor

Patrick Semesky, MGC, CGC
Prenatal Genetic Counselor

Julie Solimine, MGC, CGC
Cancer Genetic Counselor

Elizabeth Streeten, MD
Adult Geneticist

Erin Strovel, PhD
Director, Biochemical Genetics Laboratory

Ying Zhao, MD, PhD
Director, Cytogenetics Laboratory

Research Core Faculty

Christy Chang, PhD

Braxton Mitchell, PhD

Toni Pollin, MS, PhD, CGC

Alan Shuldiner, MD

Norann Zaghloul, PhD