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Enrollment and Degree Requirements

Academic Requirements for Graduation

  1. Successful completion of all course work, with a cumulative B average, and a grade of “B” or better in each of the courses;
    1. Students are expected to pass each examination and assignment. For those that are not passed with a grade of B or better, remediation work must be completed, regardless of final course grade so that students may demonstrate mastery of the content area. Such remediation work will be determined by the course master and/or the Program Director.
    2. Students are permitted to retake a maximum of two courses. Students who do not pass two or more classes may be dismissed from the program.
  2. Passing each of the clinical rotations at ACGC-approved sites with satisfactory evaluations from the clinical supervisor, along with a completed ACGC logbook with a minimum of 50 cases;
  3. Satisfactory completion and evaluations of observational and laboratory rotations;
  4. Completion of an independent study project and presentation; and
  5. Successful completion of a comprehensive oral examination.

For those students who fail to meet three of the academic requirements on the first attempt at any point during their training program, the executive committee will review the case and determine whether the student is eligible to remain in the training program.

Guidelines for Enrollment

  1. Continuous, full time enrollment is required. Students with extenuating circumstances may request in writing a leave of absence from the Program. The MGC Program considers requests on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Dropping of required courses may only be done under special circumstances with permission of the Program Director and Medical Director. All required courses must be taken at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.
  3. Students not completing academic requirements in time for May graduation are required to register for the course needing completion (e.g. Master’s Research, Clinical Training Site Rotation) for as many semesters as are needed to satisfy all requirements (maximum one year after expected graduation date).
  4. Students judged by the MGC Program Executive committee to have experienced serious academic or personal difficulty are subject to placement under optimum supervision and frequent review by the Program Director and Medical Director. Special placement is discontinued at the discretion of the MGC Program Executive committee.