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Academic & Clinical Facilities

Academic Facilities

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We are committed to quality and diverse education for our students and recognize the numerous unique opportunities to train in the Baltimore region. The MGC Program utilizes the latest in educational models and is dedicated to being a leader in translational and transitional genomic and genetic medicine and counseling. We are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling.

Core courses are taught within the University of Maryland Medical Center and School of Medicine facilities by clinical and research experts from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and other area academic institutions. Students can take full advantage of our University-based medical center by attending departmental grand rounds, case conferences, seminars, lectures and other events as well as educational opportunities in the within the University's Graduate School and Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Social Work, Public Health, Dentistry and Law.

Laboratory rotations are conducted within the biochemical, genomic, and cytogenetic laboratories of the University of Maryland Medical Center and students have the opportunity to gain experience in several other laboratory settings from a number of commercial and academic laboratories throughout the greater Baltimore/Washington DC metropolitan area. Students attend clinical rotations at the University of Maryland Medical Center and other genetic centers within the Baltimore/Washington DC area.

The MGC Program is housed in the Medical School Teaching Facility (MSTF) Building. Student space is located within the MGC Program Suite where students have dedicated study space. The MGC Program has two dedicated classrooms that serve as our primary learning space, however we utilize resources across campus to maximize the learning environment.

Clinical Facilities

The MGC Program is centrally located in downtown Baltimore, MD with convenient access to clinical practices throughout the state of Maryland as well as the Greater Washington DC metropolitan area. As a result, our students have access to world class health facilities to complete their clinical training. In the first year of training, students complete a number of in depth experiential rotations in various subspecialty clinics, academic, commercial, and research laboratories, and traditional genetic counseling settings.

During the 2nd year, students complete a minimum of three 12- week clinical rotations corresponding to the Summer, Fall and Spring semesters and one 4-week intensive rotation of the student's choice in January or April. Students gain a wide variety of clinical experience in adult, cancer, pediatric, prenatal, and other specialty areas under the supervision of certified genetic counselors and/or geneticists. Students participate in well over 100 clinical cases satisfying the requirements for certification eligibility by the American Board of Genetic Counseling.