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MEDT 464 Blood Banking

(Credits: 4)

This course is designed to cover the practical and theoretical concepts in the study of blood group serology and transfusion medicine. Students will learn and apply basic knowledge of immunological principles to the ABO, Rh, and other significant blood group systems. Transfusion medicine topics discussed include donor screening, component preparation, apheresis, and blood component therapy. The course will also cover topics in the investigation of hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN), drug related red blood cell sensitization, transfusion reactions and autoimmune hemolytic anemias. Emphasis will be placed on quality control and regulations in transfusion medicine. In lab, students will demonstrate proficiency in ABO/Rh grouping, direct antiglobulin testing, antibody screening, and compatibility testing. In addition, students will be introduced to various blood bank special techniques and apply basic knowledge of concepts and techniques to the investigation of unexpected serological reactions in Blood Banking.