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MEDT 331 Hematology I

(Credits: 3)

This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts and principles of the field of Clinical Hematology. Components include: units on Hematopoiesis, normal values, introduction to stem cells, and in-depth study of various anemias, hemoglobinopathies, qualitative leukocyte disorders and related laboratory tests. The pathogenesis, clinical and laboratory manifestations of hematologic disorders are described. Students learn to distinguish normal and abnormal cellular characteristics of peripheral blood smear examination of applying system of qualitative differentiating criteria. Association of abnormal morphologic findings with underlying disorders are emphasized. Other laboratory topics include: general laboratory safety precautions, routine hematological tests, an introduction to automated hematology cell counters and quality control measures for the hematology laboratory. Instructional methods include lectures with educational objectives and comprehensive outlines, small group discussions, case histories, and study guide review questions. Grades are determined by lecture examinations, laboratory competency exercises, quizzes and homework.