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MEDT 491 Clinical Immunology

(Credits: 4)

This course presents a systematic review of the structure and function of the human immune system and its relationship to disease. Students will acquire the background and practical skills necessary to work in a clinical immunology laboratory. Some lecture topics include innate and acquired immunity, antigens, antibody structure/function, B & T lymphocytes, immunodeficiencies, MHC and antigen processing/presentation, soluble mediators of immunity, immune response to infection, hypersensitivity, autoimmunity, and transplantation/tumor immunology. Some laboratory topics include laboratory safety, phagocytosis, complement, various precipitation/agglutination assays, various labeled immunoassays (including ELISA, FTA-ABS, IFA) serology of various disease sates, antinuclear antibody testing (colorzyme vs. fluorescent) and the basics of flow cytometry.