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MEDT 451 Cellular & Molecular Biology

(Credits: 4)

This course is an introductory course in which students acquire the basic skills, concepts and theoretical background needed for the biotechnology research laboratory. In the lecture portion of this course, basic concepts of molecular cell biology are discussed. The molecules, structures, organization and function of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells are examined and compared. Experimental techniques used to analyze and manipulate DNA and RNA are explained. Molecular diagnoses of genetic and cancer diseases will be discussed. In the laboratory portion of the course, the students learn basic skills in DNA technology.

Initially, students will practice sterile techniques, micropipetting, DNA extraction and establish a bacterial growth curve. Additional laboratory skills are learned through agarose gel analysis of DNA, PCR, cloning, plasmid transformation, selection and identification of recombinant clones, DNA isolation and purification, restriction endonuclease analysis and mapping, DNA probe labeling, Southern blot analysis, DNA hybridization and principle of DNA sequencing, different types of PCR and microarrays.