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At the heart of the CTI thus far has been a broad community focus on training at every level of the organization. Most important has been the critical collaboration and training support from our key partners: The University of Maryland, Baltimore, and the University of Maryland Medical Center, and the leaders of these organizations.


  • Mikhel Kushner, JD, MSWAnnual Title IX Training: Under the leadership of Mikhel Kushner, JD, MSW, UMB provides annual mandatory training on sexual harassment for students, faculty and staff. This training defines unacceptable harassing behaviors and provides information on resources for reporting these incidents. The training also provides guidance on how individuals or groups might respond to the use of offensive phrases or words or actions that contribute to unhealthy workplace/learning climates.

“The support of UMB’s Title IX Office, under the direction of Mikhel Kushner, JD, MSW, has been invaluable in our efforts to address these issues.”

Dean E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA

  • Just Culture Training: UMMC leaders in patient safety and human resources are implementing this initiative to promote the use of algorithms when reviewing reports of individual errors or poor performance (related to patient safety/care or dynamics within the medical team). The initiative highlights careful review of the actions and outcomes, including consideration of any “system factors” (such as lack of resources or inadequate training) that might have influenced the poor performance. The goal of this initiative is to use identification of errors as a means of improving the performance of individuals and the institutions, and improving the outcomes for patient care.
  • Unconscious Bias Training: Selected UMSOM faculty members have been trained to conduct workshops for faculty, staff, students and trainees to help identify where unconscious biases impact both the simple and complex decisions we make in everyday life.
  • Targeted training programs in individual departments/units: These training sessions, now under development, will address specific needs, with the goal of improving a specific workplace/ learning climate.
  • Bystander Training (Medical Student Initiative): This initiative, a collaboration between the UMSOM CTI Medical Students Initiative subcommittee and UMB is currently underway.