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CTI Steering Committee


The CTI Steering Committee is the leadership committee working with Nancy Lowitt, MD, EDM, FACP, on the implementation of each of the components of the CTI. It is made up of the chairs of the CTI sub-committees. Four of the sub-committees will be focused immediately on interventions designed to lessen disruptive physician behaviors and minimize workplace microaggressions.

The sub-committees include:

  • Clinical Workplace and Learning Environments
  • Medical Students Initiative
  • Hot Spots/Immediate Response
  • Policy Development
  • Scholarship: CTI initiatives will be evaluated with scholarly rigor and results disseminated through publication and presentations
  • Women in Medicine & Science (WIMS)/Gender Equity
  • Multi-cultural Affairs
  • Anecdotal and Systematic Reporting

“As students, we appreciate the opportunities to collaborate with the school’s leadership, faculty and our peers through town halls, panels, and other brainstorming sessions. We look forward to working with the CTI to implement the reform that my fellow students and I hope to see.”

Jessica Lee, MD Student

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