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Climate Surveys & Analysis


An early goal of the CTI has been to implement climate surveys as a tool to identify “hot spot” areas and assess the most effective action steps. This goal continues with plans for ongoing climate surveys and data analysis to measure progress and inform the CTI planning groups.

  • Initial broad climate surveys conducted jointly by UMSOM and UMMC in 2018 led to identification of clinical departments and workplaces where there have been increased reports of disruptive behavior (designated as "hot spot" areas). Problematic individual behaviors and general climate were identified.
  • Early initiatives to address these workplace “hot spots” included thorough review of individual reported complaints by the UMB’s Title IX Office and by UMSOM and UMMC leadership, leading to targeted interventions.
  • Larger scale initiatives included the development and implementation of UMMC’s “Just Culture” initiative, and implementation of the UMSOM Unconscious Bias Training program.