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Workplace Microaggressions


Workplace-Microaggressions-TriangleHow Do We Learn?

  • Climate surveys, in partnership with UMB
    – Gallup survey (now)
    – UMMC Gelfand survey (June 2019)
  • Systematically-collected reports
  • Individual and group reporting

How Do We Respond?

  • Identify workplace hotspots
  • Implement curricula and other interventions to change behavior norms
  • Conduct 360-degree feedback, faculty development
  • Just Culture Training, in partnership with UMMC
  • Engage students, interprofessional initiatives

MicroaggressionsHow Do We Measure Impact?

  • “Hot spot surveys” (launched in April 2019)
  • Outcomes data from climate surveys
    – Aim to demonstrate change over time
  • Aggregate 360-degree evaluation data